Yesterday I flew to LA, after just being there on the weekend and sighting a few minor celebrities. (See yesterday's blog post.) This time I was traveling with my wife, and I was alert to spotting additional celebrities, or at least people who looked like celebrities.

After we got off the plane in LA, we ended up on the escalator behind a guy who seemed to be someone important. He wore clothes that you can't get in Macy's, and a haircut you can't get at Supercuts. We guessed he was an ultimate fighter type, based on his build and the way a guy in a business suit was sucking up to him. I just found his picture on Google Images to confirm who he was. Apparently he's one of the most famous ultimate fighters, Tito Ortiz.


Later in the afternoon, back at the airport, we got in the Southwest Airlines ticket line to try and get an earlier flight. I noticed that the guy in front of us looked a little like actor Danny Glover, but older and scruffier. For fun, I decided to tell my wife it was indeed Danny Glover and let her enjoy the thrill-by-proximity until she realized I was full of shit. So I discretely tapped out the message on my Blackberry: "You are behind actor Danny Glover" and showed it to her. Shelly wasn't going to fall for that, and dismissed it quickly. After all, the guy in front of us was schlepping his own bags, shabbily dressed, and standing in line at Southwest with the common people.  He clearly wasn't movie star material.

But when we got a glimpse of his full profile, it sure looked like Danny Glover. I convinced myself it really was. Shelly noticed the initials on his luggage were DLG. As we walked from the ticket area to the gate, she suggested I use my Blackberry to figure out what Danny Glover's middle name is, to confirm the initials. I argued that the odds of spotting a guy who looks like Danny Glover, in a city where Danny Glover works, boarding a flight to an area where Danny Glover lives (The Bay Area) with two-out-of-three confirmed initials for "Danny Glover" on his luggage was sufficient confirmation. Shelly wasn't so sure.

Coincidentally, we ended up next to this potential Danny Glover fellow as we lined up in our designated waiting place at the gate. He was on his cell phone talking in a perfect Danny Glover voice to a business contact about his next movie that begins production in September. I asked Shelly if she still needed me to check his middle name, but she was now ready to accept this as a bona fide celebrity sighting.

The interesting part was watching the reaction from the other passengers and flight crew to this huge star: none. As far as we could tell, no one else in the terminal was aware of his existence. Or if they were, they weren't letting on. Maybe that's how they roll in LA, where there is a celebrity on every corner.

All I know is that when we returned to my celebrity-free suburban town, I felt a little empty knowing it could be weeks, even months, before I saw another famous person from a distance. I already miss my good friends Tito and Danny.

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Jun 3, 2008
Scott, as a former denizen of Brentwood (wrong side of San Vicente Blvd.) I can tell you that with regard to Angelenos' pointedly ignoring celebrities, you are correctamundo. Only hicks from out-of-town gawk.
Jun 3, 2008
Middle name is Lebern, so DLG works.
Only one film in pre-production: The Hariyama Bridge.
Not sure if it starts filming in September. The notes that I found indicate that filming begins in June, but could very well have been delayed.
Jun 3, 2008
I'm glad you chose that picture of Ortiz. You should have pushed him down the escalator, or gotten in a sucker punch on his kidneys, just to see how he reacted. Then, for comparison, do the same to Danny Glover.
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Jun 3, 2008
I had a similar experience at RSA this year - I thought I saw Bono (captured on video here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=J8aOG__bg5Y) and was convinced it was him until someone left a comment on the YouTube post with the impersonator's name. Oh well.

Of course, my *real* big brush with celebrity was back in 1994 when Scott Adams was at the Boston Computer Society's "MegaMeeting" held at UMass Boston!
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Jun 3, 2008
Hi Scott,

Maybe it was his stunt double, who happens to have the same initials as dlg, mine are close, but I'm no dlg. I'm travel mostly through Logan airport in Boston. We don't have celebrities, even our athletes live in other places in the off season.

Jun 3, 2008
His middle name is Lebern, according to wikipedia.
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