I generally dismiss conspiracy theories. If something sounds ridiculous, it's probably not true. Now I find out that the Governor of Illinois was selling a U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder.


This makes me reevaluate my rule of thumb on conspiracy theories. I have to move the bar in terms of what is too ridiculous to be potentially true.

If you tell me the government has been covering up alien visits for decades, I still consider that too ridiculous to be true, but mostly for the reason that alien visitation seems unlikely. I have no problem believing that the government would cover it up for some dumbass reason. That is well within the realm of believable.

I have no problem believing that during the 9/11 attacks our government ordered the Air Force to destroy the passenger jet that was heading for the Whitehouse, and found it convenient that the passengers rushed the hijackers at about the same time. It makes a good hero story. I'm not saying that's what happened. I'm just saying that it doesn't qualify as too ridiculous to be true. To me it even sounds more likely than the official version.

The most evil conspiracy theory I have ever heard involves the idea that the 9/11 attacks themselves were planned by the U.S. government as a pretext for military action and subsequent profit by some industrialists. I don't believe that's true, but again, thanks to Governor Asshat, I can no longer rule it out simply for being too ridiculous to consider. The bar has been moved.

I don't know if the Mafia fixed the election for President Kennedy, then had him whacked because he didn't return the favor, but it is well within the realm of non-ridiculous.

What other theories do you think are now in the realm of not-too-ridiculous?

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Dec 11, 2008
I absolutely stand by this one.

Hillary Clinton murdered JFK, Jr. I remember reading in the paper he was planning on running for the US Senate from New York. A week later he was dead. He was probably the only person who could've beaten Hillary Clinton. So she had someone tamper with his plane and down it went.

I found this. http://www.john-f-kennedy-jr.com/murdered.htm
Dec 11, 2008
Eh, if a conspiracy is too big to be believed then it's safe from a credible investigation. The fact that the 911 commission was stonewalled on every issue, didn't mention building number 7 at all, shows that something is being hidden whether ridiculous incompetence or treason.

Conspiracies will happen as long as everyone rights them off as a joke or a "never happen." Look at who profits, follow the money, assume their guilty and investigate them thoroughly until their not.

Also, some people believe it was the Mossad who killed JFK because he had mentioned renegotiating U.S. aid to Israel. Of course, they could be easily wrong and the official stories could be correct but I don't understand why people don't bother asking for an investigation of the likely suspects with the most to gain.
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Dec 11, 2008
How about that the health insurance industry is in colusion with members of government to maintain it's profitable stranglehold on the American health care system?


I used to be convinced that the only choices for health care management were between the system we have and some corrupt and dysfunctional, Soviet-goulag-style system, and I suspect I have insurance industry lobbyists to thank for that.

Now I know that we could actually keep our current health care system, same doctors earning the same salaries, and provide health care for every person in America--for less than we are now paying--by going to a non-profit, single-payer insurance system. We could have a publically funded single-payer system that exists to serve patients, not stock holders. No more automatic denials of legitimate claims, no more intentionally confusing policies with labyrinthian conditions and exclusions.

Now that I know what we could have, I am convinced now that it is absolutely immoral for health insurance to be for profit, and a conspiracy to keep Americans ingnorant and frightened is the only explaination for the current state of affairs that profit so few so richly, on the backs of so many.
Dec 11, 2008
Dunno, Scott, I think that the Blag incident makes 9-11 conspiracy theories look even MORE ridiculous on the basis that if a governor can't manage to arrange to sell a senate seat without getting caught, arressted, and humiliated in the media, how likely is it that the US government could really cook up 9-11 in whole or in part and not have it all blow up in their faces? It's the lack of competence that makes it ridiculous.
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