Welcome to the almost-too-incredible-to-believe BETA version of the new Dilbert web site! We spent most of the past year, and a small fortune, to unwrap all the pent up Dilbert goodness and provide it to you for free, embracing the new realities of intellectual property on the web.

The site is still in BETA. You're getting a preview of future wonders. Please be patient. This is a generation beyond any comic web site, and it gets bumpy when you pass beyond the rim. Take a sneak peek at these new features: 

PUNCH LINES: Write your own punch lines for Dilbert strips - just type them right into the panel - and e-mail them to friends!

Soon you will be able to write the entire strip, collaborating with others, in what we call Group Mash! (One person writes the first panel, another writes the second, and so on.) Readers can vote the best ones to the top of the heap. That way you get the attention and credit you need to make life worth living. 

Starting today, mocking the idiots in your workplace is a competitive sport! This is going to be fun. I'll participate in the Punch Lines and Group Mashes too. Look for my contributions under username ScottAdams.

ANIMATION: We've animated Dilbert online. Several strips are already done and we plan to add one per day. You have to hear the new voice for Dogbert.

FAVORITE LISTS: Create lists of your favorite Dilbert comics and share with others. 

ARCHIVE EXPANDED: Now the free Dilbert archive extends back to 2001. We're working on putting the entire archive online.

COLOR: All online strips are in living color. They look sensational. 

SEARCH: Filter the archive by favorite characters. For example, find all the comics in the archive featuring Dogbert or Catbert or Asok, etc., plus any combination of characters.

DILBERT BLOG: My personal blog is moving to this page. And you'll be able to vote on comments, so the wisest and funniest float to the top. 

The site has so many features and options it will take you a while to discover them. Send me your comments at scottadams@aol.com.

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Mar 27, 2009
What a depressing thread! I ain't hat depressed. I'm old, and do graphic design for little stuff...mailers, handouts, in-store POP, logo, etc. I know it's not rocket surgery (gawd I'm hip), but it's interesting, challenging, sometimes annoying, and mostly kinda fun. Not saving the world, but am helping keep some small franchise restaurants going.

Not worthless...just part of the whole schmear. And I work from home so meetings (Arrrrrrrgh) are generally avoided.
As are cubicle /water cooler conversations!


Jun 19, 2008
Bring back LOTD!!! (List of the Day). I really liked that in the-old-old-site.
Jun 19, 2008
I came into work this morning and found that the the storage locker for the propane tanks that fuel our forklifts was moved to within 5 feet of the designated smoking area!
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May 11, 2008
Did Mordac lead the redesign project? KISS is a great theory, especially when the primary objective of most visiters to a site is simply to see a cartoon. All I want is to have the site load quickly and see that good ole black and white strip everyday. If you have to appease the ADD's who need some new little bauble to fiddle with then make a link to it from the old style site. Change is great - if there's a reason for it. Wholesale change just for the sake of change is a foolish waste of time and money.
May 10, 2008
The new site looks good ...we need just to get used to. But please, no improvements with pop-ups or something like that (with mortgage ads !) ...just a comment: maybe the frame for the strips is a little bit busy.......
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May 5, 2008
Scott, you've started to grow pointy hair. Yeah, we're all sure that this whole new site was just to make things more wonderful .... and when does this site become a paid site? Or is this site your way to exact revenge on all of the induhviduals. Slow and heavy would be a nice way to describe the new site. OK so maybe I am still one of those old fogies who could deal with B&W all week, and wait for the Sunday colour spread.

I took a stroll over to the 'secret' -plain jane- site. There were still some problems with a few of the Sunday strips - not all of them display. Thankfully (except for the broken strips), checking out the strips there was straight forward. PLEASE KEEP THE 'SECRET' SITE UP !
May 4, 2008
The Dilbert is the best social,business,political and yes'moral', take on modern life(?). The mashup idea is great. Your site needs some work. Response and availabilty times are sporatic. Keep up this thing.
Apr 28, 2008
Can you add text to the search function? It would help find strips on a specific topic.
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Apr 28, 2008
Love the new site. For some strange reason it gets by the internet police at work. Damn, now I will never get any work done. The fact the the site came up at the same time we went into a reccession is just a coincidence, right? Hmmm.
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Apr 27, 2008
The new animation feayture is unneeded, unwanted, and unloved.
Apr 27, 2008
I'm not sure if the new website is a parody on Microsoft and their ilk, or simply following in their best traditions.

You release the thing, it is full of bugs and works badly so you promise to fix it in a while. Could be the latest version of the Dilbert web site or the latest version of Windows. I look forward to the day when everything else, cars, toasters, books etc, is produced this way.

Apr 26, 2008
I have been subscribed for about a week.

Received only one e-mailed strip. Nothing for the last few days.

Help, help.

Steve J
Apr 25, 2008
Flash is evil. Flash is the plague of the internet!

Apr 25, 2008
I really do not like the new 'beta' site, but experience tells me that, despite opinion on bloggs like this, there's no way the old fan base are going to get the old B&W strip back again. Such is life...

I used to visit Dilbert 1st, now I visit it last.

I guess in a while it will annoy me so much that I will just give up and stop visiting, which is a shame, as I like the humour.

OK, so you are getting double the hits and the new comers like it, and so do a few old readers. I guess it's a fact of like that sites using a Movie about coffee and a fast guy in tights (see a the cartoon for the 15th November, 2007) are set to attract more people, but it doesn't make it any less cheesy and naff. In my opinion.

If there is any way to get back to the old B&W, and opt out of this Flash, mash, mess, please let me know.

Apr 21, 2008
And is there some particular reason this stupid posting software censored "p-a-s-s-i-n-g outrage" in my post????
Apr 21, 2008
Please tell us that this blog entry was written for you by the Marketing department, and that you yourself are just as shocked and appalled at this unusable mess as the rest of us are. And please tell us that you don't see these comments as just a way to let people vent their !$%*!$% outrage at any kind of change -- but that you will actually take them seriously in deciding the direction of this site.

(Note that while there are a few positive comments here on your blog page, there are dozens of pages of nothing but negative on the strip pages.)
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Apr 21, 2008
As a developer I follow the common practice of releasing a beta to be tried and tested alongside normal operations. This allows for 'Business as usual' whilst tweaking the new release and gathering user feedback.

Your developers and deployment staff seem to have totally thrown this out. This _isn't_ a beta, this is a live deployment, and as such the 'Beta' image should be removed. It's not cool. Neither is the new format - it is offensive to the eye, difficult to navigate, and has suffered an ill-thought-out roll-out.

I suggest that the old format is re-instated, and that the beta is deployed alongside in the traditional fashion. As and when the new format is actually something worth using, it could move to being live and the older format removed.

There is a strange inconsistency, in targetting the _vista_ look, whilst using _flash_ to achieve it...

OOI, does anyone know what Scott thinks about it?

I also used to use the dilbert site to launch me to BC once in a while - where has that functionality gone? I've just been to the BC site, and thankfully that has retained it's usable format.

Sorry chaps - you need to go back to the drawing board, and take a look at design, development, and deployment strategies.
Apr 21, 2008
Sorry, this 'upgrade' is a !$%*!$% 'Miss'. As others have said, why use Flash for an image. It's so clunky. And as a Solaris and Ubuntu user, I'm not happy that the animation is not available on most of my computers - even though I really don't like the animation! These characters have their own voices in my head, so the animation is all wrong.

I've worked in IT for 25 years now, and Dilbert has kept me sane throughout that time, but I never thought that Dilbert's own web site would become like one of it's own jokes.
Apr 21, 2008
Sorry folks. I think you've got the comic bit of the site wrong - all I want to be able to do is see the comic every day, and check past comics when I've missed one. It's become horribly complicated. Did the pointy-haired boss have anything to do with the design?
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Apr 21, 2008

It is OK I suppose.

How do we view the past strips?

It might have been worth spending a little bit of time looking at your server logs to see what the top 10 things are which users used to do then make sure that they are incredible clear.
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