Welcome to the almost-too-incredible-to-believe BETA version of the new Dilbert web site! We spent most of the past year, and a small fortune, to unwrap all the pent up Dilbert goodness and provide it to you for free, embracing the new realities of intellectual property on the web.

The site is still in BETA. You're getting a preview of future wonders. Please be patient. This is a generation beyond any comic web site, and it gets bumpy when you pass beyond the rim. Take a sneak peek at these new features: 

PUNCH LINES: Write your own punch lines for Dilbert strips - just type them right into the panel - and e-mail them to friends!

Soon you will be able to write the entire strip, collaborating with others, in what we call Group Mash! (One person writes the first panel, another writes the second, and so on.) Readers can vote the best ones to the top of the heap. That way you get the attention and credit you need to make life worth living. 

Starting today, mocking the idiots in your workplace is a competitive sport! This is going to be fun. I'll participate in the Punch Lines and Group Mashes too. Look for my contributions under username ScottAdams.

ANIMATION: We've animated Dilbert online. Several strips are already done and we plan to add one per day. You have to hear the new voice for Dogbert.

FAVORITE LISTS: Create lists of your favorite Dilbert comics and share with others. 

ARCHIVE EXPANDED: Now the free Dilbert archive extends back to 2001. We're working on putting the entire archive online.

COLOR: All online strips are in living color. They look sensational. 

SEARCH: Filter the archive by favorite characters. For example, find all the comics in the archive featuring Dogbert or Catbert or Asok, etc., plus any combination of characters.

DILBERT BLOG: My personal blog is moving to this page. And you'll be able to vote on comments, so the wisest and funniest float to the top. 

The site has so many features and options it will take you a while to discover them. Send me your comments at scottadams@aol.com.

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Apr 20, 2008
I don't know why people are so hung up on hating the changes. I think it looks great. The only thing I wish there was was a "next strip/ previous strip" button, so I could read more than one strip in a row without having to navigate all the heck over the place.
Apr 20, 2008
@ turing : The raw image is still there, it is just hidden behind the flash. If you disable the flash on the page you can still see the original image just fine (better in my opinion). Try blocking all the flash on the page, the comic and all the navigation links are all available, you just can't see them with the flash present. Besides, other sites legally host Dilbert strips as well. They would be better off just randomizing the address of the image.
Apr 20, 2008
I'm disappointed to find that the animations are Windows/Mac only. I was looking forward to watching them, only to be told that my Linux isn't supported. Please change this so you don't loose your Linux-using audience.
Apr 20, 2008
TOTALLY AMAZING -- web 2.5 or should I say 3.0 -- awesome job. STATE OF THE ART! Joyce Schwarz, www.hollywood2020.blogs.com :))
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Apr 20, 2008
I'm sure the reason for the flash is to make it harder for people to grab a copy of the strip, and harder for other sites to scrape for the .gif automatically. That's a losing battle though, and in the meantime it gives us an ugly, bloated, slow site.
Apr 20, 2008
Considering you are requesting comments, I think I should add my 2 cents.

First, using flash for the main comic is just a waste. It is an image, you don't need flash. Even the things like rating have been done without it for years. It just hogs bandwidth, memory, and takes forever to load even in my dual 2.2 GHz system with a cable modem. The only reason to use flash is to keep people from viewing the comic on its own or saving it to their hard drive. But considering there are at least a half dozen other ways to do that, and you still load the original comic hidden behind the flash comic. There is simply nothing there that cannot be done without flash. I see no reason for that, although I am of course open to compelling arguments. "It looks pretty" or "it's easier" is not a compelling argument, though. The problems became all the more apparent today (Sunday) when you had to scroll just to see all panels on the Sunday strip. That is not how people normally read comics, and really breaks the flow. I can see no good reason to use flash for the comics, and tons of reasons not to. Personally I am just blocking all flash from the site, at least I can see the comic as a regular image.

Second, the animated comics. I use Linux and Firefox. Linux supports Flash just fine, adobe has been releasing Flash players for Linux since before I started using it. Yet I try to view the animations and it tells me I need to be on a windows or mac. So I downloaded user agent switcher. I had to download it because none of the sites I go to had forced me to use a specific browser or specific operating system before. So I use it to tell the site I am using internet explorer, and viola the flash plays perfectly, video, sound, and all. Now I am not complaining about the flash for the animation, flash is rapidly becoming the new de-facto standard for web video and for that role it has the benefit of being widely supported and easily portable across any system that supports flash and has a few basic video codecs installed (and also prevents stealing the video in most cases, which I can understand). But then you ("you", the website designer) turn around and forcibly eliminate most of those benefits by only allowing certain systems and browser to view the content when it is perfectly viewable by a wide variety of other systems and browsers if they trick the web site. That doesn't make any sense. And as others have said, don't use the website's records of the visitors to the page to justify the decision, people are tricking the system into thinking they are other browsers or systems just so they can view the content. Those records are unreliable. I don't pretend that Linux (or *nix) users are a !$%*!$% component of the computer market, nor do I pretend to know the demographics of the people reading the strip. But I do know that it works under Linux, so why not just let us use it normally? Why force us to use user agent switcher or something along those lines when everything works perfectly?

Overall I agree the site looks great and it has a ton of new features. But I think you made some decisions that are irrational and will hurt you particularly with the engineering type of person who is even just !$%*!$%* familiar with computer and web technology. There are places were things like flash or good, but there are places where it is just unnecessary and doesn't contribute anything. Now I'm going to go see if there are any greasemonkey scripts or stylish styles that make the site more usable.
Apr 20, 2008
The Sunday strip being in pieces where I have to click them makes it less easy to read at a glance. It's not the way comics are read. Who turns the page for the next frame in a comic? (Or are we being prepped for Dilbert the Graphic Novel?)
No love for the new flash and hoping the RSS feed of the blog starts serving up with some white space as it's one huge block of text for me right now so that's unpleasant as well. I expect the feeds to clear up with time, as it IS a beta... but feedburner's been doing feeds for a while now you'd think having that ENTER between paragraphs is something they'd encountered before now.
Anyway. Love some of the new features, but not in love with the new front page. It's slower than it was before, and absolutely hate the clicking > for the next part of the strip.
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Apr 20, 2008
My daily Dilbert used to be relaxing - 60 sec off the madness in this business. Now, it reminds of work: that the technically possible isn't necessarily identical with the experience the audience is looking for. And how to communicate this to the decision makers...
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Apr 19, 2008
While flash may make thing "look" nice, it really is a painful thing. So much better can be done with just good clean html or dhtml code. I'm sorry to see this site has gone this direction. Hopefully, since this is a "Beta" version, you'll see how much its not liked and drop it. I'm sorry if you put a lot of effort into this and might feel wasted. However, this website is just too bloated now. I'm not crying from a low end system, I'm talking from a decent system with high ehough specs to run most of my games at very high resolution and very good frame rates.

Flash just isn't the way this should go.
Apr 19, 2008
The main things worth checking regularly are the recent mashups, but the time involved would be prohibitive as the thumbnails are too small to read and to click on each one to put it in the large view window would require at least 30 hours a day and nobody but a cartoonist can spare that much time as most others actually work for a living. ;-)
Apr 19, 2008
Dilbert was one of those oniine institutions that I always thought "got IT".

While the content of the cartoon shows that, the new "upgrade" says the complete opposite.

It's big, it's bloated, and I don't like it at all. I'm hoping against hope that it's some PHB-inspired, time-delayed April Fools joke of some sort that is some artistic attempt at satire and irony.

Regardless of the time and effort it took to create, please consider dropping the flash stuff. But hey, what do I know... I'm just a reader, who not only enjoys the daily dose online, but also buys every hardcover publication as well.

A little piece of me just died.

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Apr 19, 2008
Smexi site, Scott. Love the archive and mashup features.
Apr 19, 2008
Sorry but the new site is hideous. It takes forever to load, is infested with Flash and generally looks vile.

On the plus side the cartoons are in colour (nice) and the voting/archive system is an improvement. However, PLEASE drop the horror of Flash - you can do everything that you need to do (and more) with well-written CSS and a bit of AJAX.
Apr 19, 2008
Hate it, hate it, hate it. Did I mention that I hate it?
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Apr 19, 2008
I have to use user agent switcher on firefox to lie that I'm using IE just to see a flash animation on the animation section of the website. Meanwhile this website lies to me telling me that if I'm not in a computer with Windows or MAC then I can't see the animation.
Is this really necessary? I'm really disapointed.
Apr 19, 2008
I'm not a fan of the client side stuff, but I feel I should say "good work" for something:
The URLs! Thank you for having sane URLs instead of weird variables sent via _GET.
Apr 19, 2008
I used to be complacent about how fast my internet connection was. But you've solved all that - now I can just visit dilbert.com and wait forty seconds for a .gif to appear. Now I'll never forget what the internet was like ten years ago, Thanks!
Apr 18, 2008
Looking good Scott!
Apr 18, 2008
Umm, irrespecitve of the previous: re Animations: "Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center 2005, Mac OSX 10.3 or Mac OSX 10.4 is required to view this page"

What ... You can't re serious!!

Seems like Micro$oft has swallowed you too.

I can't believe you would be so stupid.
Apr 18, 2008
Having just added my vote to many negative comments on here, I have now found ways to get the latest comic down, eg via Google Reader (and I guess rss should work). So like many others that just want the content, and not the gloss & flash (literally), well, now I realise CAN get it. So fee free to undo almost all my negative votes. :-).

IMO: Your problem has mainly been that you did not communicate this change to your audience. This is a typical geek problem: excellent stuff poorly presented. All you needed to do was include a link to a simplified page that essentially looks much like the old web.

Personally I LOVE the mashup idea, but that is just because I AM usually as funny as Scott Adams, um, well sometimes anyway, and looking at the mashups so far, I am sure that some others are as well, even if some show sure signs of 'geek social skills, personality and maturity' in their offerings.
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