Recently we redesigned the Dilbert.com web site and added a ton of features, such as animation, deeper archives, mash ups, and more. The reaction from readers has been fascinating.
Let me get this out of the way: I realize the Beta version of the web site has lots of issues. It’s overloaded with Flash, slower than it needs to be, and the navigation is confusing. We’re fixing most of that over the next few weeks. I apologize for the inconvenience.
The fascinating thing about the responses is that it revealed three distinct types of Dilbert readers:
The first group is the ultra-techies who have an almost romantic relationship with technology. For them, the new site felt like getting dumped by a lover. Their high-end technology (generally Linux) and security settings made much of the site inconvenient. Moreover, the use of Flash offended them on some deep emotional level.
The second group objected to the new level of color and complexity, and the associated slowness. They like their Dilbert comics simple, fast, and in two colors. Anything more is like putting pants on a cat.
The third group uses technology as nothing more than a tool, and subscribes to the philosophy that more free stuff is better than less free stuff. That group has embraced the new features on the site and spiked the traffic stats.
For you first two groups, if you promise to keep it to yourselves, we created a stripped-down Dilbert page with just the comic, some text navigation, and the archive: www.dilbert.com/fast. This alternate site is a minor secret, mentioned only here and in the text footnote to the regular site as “Linux/Unix.”
The main site will be getting a Flash diet that will make it speedier soon, so check back in a few weeks. That’s where all the fun will be.
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Apr 26, 2008
Please don't get rid of the color strips, it's my favorite enhancement to the site. Similar to IMEA's commment, it's like reading Sunday quality comics every day. I eagerly wait for the day that the whole site is in High Definition! Dilbert does load slower than before, but not so much slower that it's an annoyance. Overall good job on the new direction the site is taking, thanks!
Apr 26, 2008
What is the name of the person in the third group?

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Apr 26, 2008
same here.color is not that importat..and if you make the mashups strips to look bigger so I wont spend clicking and waiting for a really bad one to come out and ..well, is annoying...hope you actually read thi stuff though :/
Apr 26, 2008
www.dilbert.com/fast is good, but i want also my daily strip shipped as email the old-school way.
Flash is annoying/insecure/too big!
Adding new features is ok, but please leave the old ones as an option.

And yes, I don't care about color ether (who does?)

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Apr 26, 2008
Thanx ↑ x for com.fast - An avid reader for years (books & strips) I thinks your insights and humor come across best without the eye candy.
Now if you could get the "fast" site back to b/w ...

Apr 25, 2008
I think it is a disappointment. I Want Dilbert Classic! Just the ol' B&W newspaper style strip. Leave colors, voices, animation to my imagination. My imagination works fine. In this form it fits in the category of fast food, lousy soaps and bad advertising to be completely ignored. Scott, I hope you go the way of the restaurant owner you describe in your blog, who painted his place pink (or whatever). There is still time to turn back!
Apr 25, 2008
the mashups are way too small to read the text. can you make them same size as the normal strip?
Apr 25, 2008
Thanks for the fast version - a big improvement. Now if you offer a black and white version, I'll really be happy. On the plus side, thanks for fixing the new site so that it works with Firefox; for the first few days I had to use IE7, or the Firefox equivalent, to see anything at all.
Apr 25, 2008
The site causes Mozilla for Linux (at least on the version that I got with Suse Linux 8.0) to close. Yes, I would say that that was "inconvenient."
Apr 25, 2008
Fix the Registration!!

Oh, by the way, I like the site so far.

Fix the Registration!! I tried to register and our $(&^%@ company email system does not accept email from Dilbert. So I tried to change the email address used to my personal gmail account.

DUH! There is no way to change the email address! All you can do is keep selecting the "forgot my password" and it sends a message to the email address...........that does not accept Dilbert emails! So I had to use a new username and now my "regular" username is lost in registration HELL.

Argh!! Must not punch laptop..............
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Apr 25, 2008
I see that the animations section has removed the unnecessary check for the operating system type.

Well done!
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Apr 25, 2008
Honestly, I love technology just as much as the next geek, but I use Windows, because Linux doesn't seem all that superior to me.

I also don't see this slow down that you continue to mention. The site seems fine, and looks great.

I for one, am amongst the true minority. I see absolutely nothing wrong with your site.
Apr 25, 2008
Scott, kudos for your attitude and tolerance of geeky minorities.
The fast site is good for me: is just can't relate to mashups, so a big point is quite lost on me.

Also, I feel United Media should be able to afford better programmers: the current ones' bad job is rightly pointed out by Proteus and IMEI.

P.S. I just love njphoto1's comment!
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Apr 25, 2008
I... kind of like it. I think the other site was more true to the look of the books, but maybe that's just me. The site is definitely... interesting.

Hey, Scott, on this page: http://www.dilbert.com/faq/ under "New Website Features", the second entry under the first question states "All Dilberts all the time since 1987". Now, I thought Dilbert's first official strip was from April 16, 1989. So, what comes before that? Content from the Build a Better Life and Clues for the Clueless books? Or were there other strips between 87 and 89 that we never found out about?
Apr 25, 2008
Love the new site. As soon as I can get a page to load from it I am sure I will enjoy it even more. Keep up the great work.
Apr 25, 2008
I really like the new site ~ especially the mashups. It would be great if there was a way to just scroll through all the mashups (by hitting next or arrows) as opposed to having to open them each up to read them. Lots of fun new things though. Thanks for the effort!
Apr 25, 2008
Hi Scott,

Well, I actually identified with the three reader types that you mentioned, which puts me in a bad position when it comes to making suggestions. But here's what I think...

People in general - even the !$%*!$%* techie-types like myself - get along pretty well with high-end gizmos, even if we don't particularly vouch for it all the way. So I don't think you need to worry about alienating these folks.

And you're spot-on about the need to streamline the site a bit more. As Proteus and IMEI mentioned, there are many issues that the coders of the site need to take care of. Once that's done, I trust that it'll only be a matter of time before we all get used to the new design and spirit of the site. I'll probably miss the good old site, but I see no reason why I wouldn't enjoy this one, anyway :-D

Congratulations and keep the good stuff comin'.
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Apr 25, 2008

You seem to have missed a point which many of the Linux users have made in regards the to Flash on this site. I don't mind the use of flash for the animations. I DO mind the arbitrary coding of the page so that it won't show flash if it detects you are viewing the site from a platform that is not Windows or Mac. I can see the flash fine, when I alter my browser identification settings.

The technology is not limiting us. The designers of this web site are trying to impose an artificial limitation, because they evidently don't understand what it means to be standards compliant.
Apr 25, 2008
Color works for me.
Apr 25, 2008
I like the fast, but you can skip the color also, I've been reading Dilbert for years in black and white, color doesn't add anything.

Thank you,
Rich Reardon
Austin, TX
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