I wonder if today will be remembered as the last day of the Republic. If Obama gets elected, lots of McCain supporters will be displeased, but I would expect an orderly transition of power. That's one possibility.

The other possibility is that McCain is elected and there is widespread suspicion, founded or not, that the election was rigged. That, for all practical purposes, will be end of the Republic. Citizens will take to the streets, the lame duck administration will declare martial law, half the country will stop paying taxes, and we will begin the long slide toward a Mad Max economy.

That means we still have all of today and a good part of tomorrow to enjoy ourselves before all Hell breaks loose. So send me links to photos of any good Halloween costumes you saw this weekend. Those are always good for a laugh.

On Friday I found myself without a costume just two hours before a party at my restaurant. So I put on a pair of pajamas that were a foot too long, hiked them up to my nipples, donned my free Motley Fool hat that simply says "FOOL" on the front, and I was good to go.

How about you?
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Nov 3, 2008
Your post reminded me of this post: http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2008/10/the_more_things.html
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Nov 3, 2008
Ha, you wish Scott. American's are too lazy to riot even when things are going down the crapper and very few people will even resist even with non-violent means like not paying their taxes. Your people weren't even willing to ask for a decent investigation into 9/11 where the investigating body could demand answers to questions asked or access to required documents.

Bunch of apathetic meatballs who would rather cut its own children's access to health care to reduce its military budget a few billion...

Obama may be a bit of a scum bag but at least he's smart enough to keep business as usual working as usual.
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