Over at The Bearded Taint's blog, the citizens have lit torches, grabbed pitchforks and come after me (again). I don't think I have seen more concentrated hate in one place. It's actually quite fascinating from a mental health perspective.

I left my own comments on the Bearded Taint's blog if you want to follow along.

The interesting thing is that I'm reasonably sure my haters and I have exactly the same opinions on the topics they are getting worked up about. But once the Internet decides you are a holocaust-denying, creationist, science-hating, sexist, sock puppet, all evidence seems to support that view. And in this case, these science-loving folks are basing their views on rumors, stuff taken out of context, misinterpretations, faulty memory of stuff they once read but don't fully remember, and that sort of thing.

I'll say it again because it is so interesting: The people who are hating me because of my opinions have exactly the same opinions. They just don't realize it because of the fog of confirmation bias.

I'm totally guilty of blogging in a way that was guaranteed to get this sort of reaction. I'll own that. I think there is an audience for people who are willing to play with ideas and not take any of it too seriously. The problem is that I become a target for advocates who need well-known enemies, manufactured or real. But I do understand that is part of my chosen profession. It's more fascinating than annoying. I love watching normally rational people get spun out of their minds by The Bearded Taint and his type.

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Jun 17, 2013
How can someone read "...that was not the first time my scrotum had caused me trouble.", and not lighten up ?
Jun 17, 2013
So you're saying that you couldn't get a promotion because you were a white male, and Bearded Taint pointed out that you said you were asked to leave because of the Dilbert publicity. Interesting how he was unable to distinguish between the conditions limiting your career path and your voluntary separation, as if those are a unified topic.

That aside, you actually ARE a creationist apologist, even if you're not serving a specific religious agenda and/or you're not invested in it. You flirt with all kinds of creationist hypotheses that are variants of our world being a simulation with "too many coincidences" for a rational person not to ponder some higher level organization. And his claim that you simply don't understand science immediately reminds me of your Boltzmann Brain and holographic universe blogs.

However, overall, he demonstrates a shocking lack of reading comprehension, and doesn't understand that you intentionally write semi-nonsense sometimes because it's fun for you to write and watch people (like me) crap ourselves when we see you trolling crazy ideas.

[Can one be an apologist while simultaneously calling the thing a fairy tale? I don't see how that works. -- Scott]
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Jun 17, 2013
I appreciate that feel the need to share some of the rubbish you need to put up with, but I respectfully ask that you not link to such sites anymore. I went over and read it and now I'm dumber. I just hope it's temporary. I call for more blog posts about automatic soap dispensers bird-crapping in your hand! I still have to stifle a chuckle at that in any public restroom lest someone misunderstand and I be escorted out.
Jun 17, 2013
OK, I just read the bearded taint's blog and the weasel words gave me a headache.

That's why I like your blog -- a distinct absence of weasel words.

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Jun 17, 2013
Those skunks be bumpin' uglies over there. I was tempted to post, but ewww, no.

Jun 17, 2013
Patton Oswalt just wrote a very long column saying something similar. The central point in it is that the people involved are being mostly rational, from their own perspective. Generally the two sides to an intense argument do not disagree on the fundamental points. But ignorance of the other sides way of thinking makes them seem completely foreign.

His solution is to calmly explain where you are coming from as often as possible, and hope the other side bothers to listen. And try not to be jerk about it.
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Jun 17, 2013
I read through the chain and still didn't quite make sense of it. The "Taint" person (very appropriate) provides no real evidence to support their accusation except to demonstrate either their inability to comprehend what they read or the ability to read into something what they want to see. Then they make a lot of generalized accusations based upon their misinterpretation. However, you have to be a real celebrity to elicit this sort of passionate hatred. I wish I had as many haters!
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Jun 17, 2013
Scott, your mistake is thinking that these are "normally rational people". The folks at Pharyngula (now called "freethoughtblogs.com", which, btw, is the most ironically named website in history) are some of the most group-thinking, mud-slinging, close-minded mid-wits ever to congregate on the interwebs. There's nothing rational about their normal activities (or their worldview).

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