Do you remember the fellow who was fired for posting a Dilbert comic at work? It made national news twice. The first time was when he got fired, and the second time was when I did a series of comics about it:


Later I posted Dave Steward's story and his resume on my blog, hoping someone would offer him a job. He just e-mailed to say something good came of it. Dilbert blog reader Bob Buchholz offered to help Dave with his resume (which needed help), and a company with a sense of humor gave him a job a month ago. Dave thinks Bob's help on the resume made the difference. He's working security again, this time within walking distance of his home.

I don't know Bob personally, but apparently he is a generous guy.

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Jun 11, 2008
That was so unlike any of the Dilbert-strip characters! Scott Adams is human after all...
Jun 8, 2008
good for you bob (and scott) :D
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Jun 8, 2008
Today's post was eaten by a bug in the software. It was quite interesting. But I don't have time to retype it.
Jun 6, 2008
I would like to thank you, Scott, and all of your fans for the support. I did get alot of helpful hints on my resume, besides Bob's. I also did get some job offers, unforunately they were a far enough distance away that it wasn't an option. Those that suggested my wife quit her job, so we could move, not an option. The house would be too difficult to sell and my wife has a very good paying job. Dave
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Jun 5, 2008
Once I was reading a dilbert comic strip. And by mistake, had clicked the print button on the browser. I was not aware of this. And after few hours, boss (an undrunk lemur) circulated email about company policy of using printers, and the corporate network policy.
Jun 5, 2008
Mazel tov, everyone!
Jun 5, 2008
Here is the link, some might want to read it completely:
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Jun 5, 2008
Nice outcome ... he even gets to work within walking distance of home. If Scott would get more of us fired, then hook us up with no-drive commutes, he could save the planet. I be clippin Dilbert comics as I speak!
Jun 5, 2008
gr8 he cud escape from the lemurs...

Btw, there's apparently more to monkey brains than sticking to drawing comics......

Jun 5, 2008
Grats on your new job Dave, and thanks for your help, Bob :). It's nice to see people still sticking together and helping each other.
Jun 5, 2008
Great, he's finally working again. Now Please be careful not to get him fired again, Scott. It'll keep you have to go through this whole redemption process, again.

Today's cuss word: C0cksuck3r
Jun 5, 2008
Thanks Matt!

Yeah, "Basic Instructions" by Scott Meyer!

I knew the first name was something that reminded me of S. Adams and the strip was something that reminded me of Sharon Stone.

Thanks again!
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Jun 5, 2008
@ djo3971:

Scott Meyer's still up and running, and syndicated with a competing internet comic site, thereby ending any and all *constructive* advice from Mr. Adams. However, I still have to thank him for pointing me to Scott Meyer's comic, Basic Instructions. F-Minus, Dilbert, and Basic Instructions are the three comics I read regularly and laugh at regularly.
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Jun 5, 2008
@simon1127: "has abook coming out ..... you could just check his site rather than posting snippy comments "

1. You're just jealous cause I had the first comment.

2. Puhleeze! Snippy comments are what makes this site what it is.

3. Checking "his" site would clearly infer that I could remember "his" name. Obviously I could not or I wouldn't have referred to "him" as "the guy."

4. My larger point/question is whether Scott is still providing guidance/suggestions/mentorship etc. Since he's not blogged about it in a while, and all.

Non-snippy comment: Scott, you are a true humanitarian for championing this guy's (I mean, _Dave's_cause...sorry, had to look up in the other posts to find the name) and I am pleased that the injustice was rectified.
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Jun 5, 2008
Guess what? I used to work in an American MNC in Singapore.

A few years ago, I was asked by my supervisor to remove some Dilbert strips which I thought was hilarious from my cubicle wall as management had deemed them to be inappropriate for the office. Imagine my incredulity!

As a 'compromise', I was allowed to keep my Dilbert calendar on my desk. Duh!
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Jun 5, 2008
A guy with your popularity, and internet presence has the power to do good, just by virtue of a mention of a name.

By mentioning a website for example, it can get thousands of times more hits even if it's total crap. People will even come back for a while, waiting for some good content to come out because Scott Adams mentioned it. But I'm sure I'm not saying anything you don't already know.

So Kudos for making one guys life way better just by mentioning his name, in context anyways.

Now, how about mentioning my crappy website?
Jun 5, 2008
Thank you, Scott and Bob!
Congrats, Dave!

Good triumphs over narrow-mindedness, intolerance and stupidity.
Jun 5, 2008
It's good that he got away from that office. You can't work in an environment like that. Just think, if he had posted a Hagar the Horrible comic instead, he would still have to drive to work.

Jun 5, 2008
"yeah, but whatever happened to the guy you were helping become a better comic strip writer?" he has abook coming out ..... you could just check his site rather than posting snippy comments
Jun 5, 2008
I got fired for looking at !$%*! I hope hugh hefner helps me out soon
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