Do you remember the fellow who was fired for posting a Dilbert comic at work? It made national news twice. The first time was when he got fired, and the second time was when I did a series of comics about it:


Later I posted Dave Steward's story and his resume on my blog, hoping someone would offer him a job. He just e-mailed to say something good came of it. Dilbert blog reader Bob Buchholz offered to help Dave with his resume (which needed help), and a company with a sense of humor gave him a job a month ago. Dave thinks Bob's help on the resume made the difference. He's working security again, this time within walking distance of his home.

I don't know Bob personally, but apparently he is a generous guy.

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Jun 5, 2008
Good for Dave, and an atta-boy to Bob for helping.

So is a Dilbert social networking site going to be part of the non-beta version of the site?

We could see if we are the wonderful bunch of people we always claim to be.
Jun 5, 2008
Ok, I am not a totally b a d a s s nasty girl.

I typed s c r e w i n g and !$%*!$%* showed up instead so it looks like I dropped the f-bomb. And I didn't. That's a special word. I only use it on religious holidays.

Your cussing filter is very strict!!
Jun 5, 2008
I think you just blew up Bob's e-mail in-box. Everyone who reads your blog and needs help with a resume has his name now.

But nice work Bob! (clapclapclapclap)

And congratulations Dave on the new job. Now don't go !$%*!$%* things up there by taping Dilbert comics on the work fridge. I heard that can get you fired in some places.
Jun 5, 2008
yeah, but whatever happened to the guy you were helping become a better comic strip writer?
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