Not long ago in a blog post I wrote that the world needs a web site where citizens can publicly debate important topics, with a feature allowing the best of the arguments to be voted to the top. And now we have it, although I would recommend some changes:


It's a good start, but a better format would allow the moderator to pick the topics, state them in the affirmative as in "The government should do X" and then let the best pro and con arguments get voted to the top. The current design is a bit too scattered.

Next, as I wrote several times in this blog, the universe is starting to look more like a hologram every day. Now there is physical evidence, which I find delightfully creepy:


If you read my book God's Debris, you might find an interesting analogy between what I called God dust and the holographic "pixels" of the universe that have been discovered.

Last, after blogging about the next financial bubble being in water, a commenter recommended an index fund of companies in the water supply business, ticker symbol PHO. So I loaded up on that stock yesterday morning after noticing it was way off its historical high, and the topic is out of the headlines because of bigger news. As luck would have it I caught the bottom of the overall market before it climbed back and made a 4.4% gain in a few hours


Yesterday a US Airways jet lost both engines in a freak collision with a bunch of geese. Amazingly, the pilot made an emergency landing in the Hudson River and no one was injured. The jet is an analogy to the economy. This is how the hologram tells us we hit bottom and survived. Mark yesterday on your calendar; it's the day the economy started to turn around.

Disclaimer: Don't take advice from cartoonists on investing, religion or politics. Even a blind squirrel can find three nuts in a week.

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Jan 16, 2009
Physical evidence is a pretty generous description of the phenomenon described in that article -- noise in a gravity detector. Not that I believe any theory about a holographic interpretation of the universe is wrong, but it seems like such a preposterously abstract scenario based on observable evidence. I have to call Occam's Razor on this. Strange, though, that I thought planck length and planck time were well-established physical traits of the universe.
Jan 16, 2009
Just for truth in advertising:

There were at least a few people injuried in the airline crash yesterday. Someone had their legs broken, and a large percentage of the rescuees were treated for at least partial hypothermia (the Hudson river is VERY cold this time of year).

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Jan 16, 2009
More signs that yesterday was a turning point or node in history:
1. Bush gave his farewell speech
2. Scientists announced that they believe there is microbial life on Mars.
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