Our government is preparing to pass something called a stimulus package. According to the experts, this stimulus package won't directly stimulate much of anything in the short term, when we need it. But with any luck it will bamboozle a hundred million morons into thinking their government did something useful, and that in turn will cause them to become more confident and spend additional money on cigarettes and lottery tickets, thus stimulating the economy.

The funny thing about this scheme is that it might work. The other funny thing is that no one is trying to hide the fact that the entire plan depends on bamboozling the aggressively ignorant portion of the population. We need to get those bozos spending again, and if it requires a fraudulent stimulus package to get it done, most people seem okay with that.

This is yet another situation where smart people are ironically incompetent if left to their own devices. If the world were populated only with the smart and well-informed, we'd all sit around waiting for someone else to spend money first, so they can take the highest risk. Eventually society would crumble and all of us geniuses would be eaten by rats. But if you throw a bunch of clueless bastards into the mix, suddenly the economy is supercharged. Money is flying everywhere, confidence becomes warranted, and the economy flourishes.

Our past economic booms depended heavily on morons. Those wonderful stimulators of the economy had to buy stock in perpetually unprofitable tech companies, or invest in real estate after it was clearly overpriced. Every economic boom is powered by the clueless. I see no reason why the next one should be different, except that the government is doing the bamboozling this time.

I plan to do my patriotic duty by no longer following the news coverage of the economic stimulus plan. This will allow me to imagine that all of the pork and special interest garbage will be removed from the final bill that gets approved. I will blissfully assume that the economic stimulation will be short term and effective. Oh, and long term and effective too. And then I, and my fellow ignorami, will spend, spend, spend our way out of this slump.

You're welcome.
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Feb 9, 2009
looks like the experts disagree with your view on the experts: "While economists remain divided on the role of government generally, an overwhelming number from both parties are saying that a government stimulus package -- even a flawed one -- is urgently needed to help prevent a steeper slide in the economy. "

- http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/02/07/AR2009020702159.html?wprss=rss_politics
Feb 9, 2009

"Our past economic booms depended heavily on morons. Those wonderful stimulators of the economy had to buy stock in perpetually unprofitable tech companies, or invest in real estate after it was clearly overpriced. Every economic boom is powered by the clueless."

Well, you alledgelly lost a lot of money in the dot-com crash too if I remember rightly.

On an unrelated note, one hooray for your self-esteem! :D

"Eventually society would crumble and all of us geniuses would be eaten by rats"
Feb 9, 2009
Cute, but facile. Up until now, we've had a regulated free market economy. This "stimulus" bill, which is just the first of many money grabs (go ahead and Google Senate Bill 2433 for the next amazing act in this play) is nothing more than an ongoing attempt to allow government to control all the money in the nation.

The combined governments in the US currently control 40% of our GDP. With recent governmental moves in the banking and auto industries, the government is attempting to take control of the economy. There are more than 54 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare. They're adding trillions more every few months, and it doesn't look like they're going to stop in our lifetimes. The government is borrowing all that money - inflation is just around the corner when those bills begin to come due. The largest line item in the federal budget is the interest payment on the national debt - and it's getting bigger by leaps and bounds every day.

What the government is doing is unconscionable. It's like going to your children and telling them, "Hey, we've decided to take out credit cards in your names, and in the names of any children you have, and in the names of any children they may have. Now, we're going to spend all the money we want to spend on anything we want to spend it on, and all of you are going to have to pay for it."

Talk about taxation without representation - all those future generations who are going to have to pay for our insane spending have absolutely no say in the decision at all. Their tax rates are going to be unbelievable, and there's nothing they can do about it.

But give the people more credit, Scott. Now that your "unwashed masses" have heard what's in the huge trillion-dollar pork bill, they're turning against it. The last Rasmussen poll I heard was that only 38% now support it, and that number is dropping like a rock. If the people are informed, they'll make the right decision - not that it matters, because the government will go ahead and do whatever it wants - but at least they'll do it knowing that they're doing it against the will of the people. Not that that matters one whit to them.

So, to make sure that the people stop being informed, the feds are now talking about bringing back the "fairness doctrine," which will permanently stifle all voices of dissent and cut the public off from learning what the government is really doing to them. If you want to see the end of liberty in this country, just watch what will happen when Commissar Obama gets to stifle the voices of anyone who opposes his socialist programs.

So don't worry about the economy, Scott. The federal government is making sure that it will be so hobbled by debt, "bailout" (read, government ownership) and taxes that it will never recover.

Welcome to the new third-world country known as the USSA.
Feb 9, 2009
I think we should call it what it really is, masturbation. How much more fun would it be if they called it a masturbation package. The media could say all these things about !$%*!$%*!$%*!$% the economy” or how much better things will be when the “masturbation package is passed”. I would feel alright about watching a bunch of condescending dribble that has been repeated over and over again for five hours in simplified language that a ten year old could understand that does no justice to the topic at hand, if I could see “Senate debates Masturbation package” on the ticker.

And it would show the world that we were turning away from our misguided puritan ideals about sexuality. That sounds like a win-win situation to me.

I do agree that all these "packages" are a bunch of crap I mean really the government is going to give a company that bought trillions of dollars of fluff (that is worth the same amount of money now as when they bought it) 50 to 100 billion dollars and that is supposed to make people feel better, to make people think that they are a safe company?
That is just silly.

But I would vote for someone who voted yes on the Masturbation package.
Feb 9, 2009
Every war needs people to be on the front lines. Men had to storm the beaches at Normandy. We had to charge up San Juan Hill. These Ignorami are just our brave cannon fodder of the War on Poverty. They gave their money so I can spend.
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Feb 9, 2009
This stimulus package is just a show : they are doing something.
No one, including S. Adams, the economic professional, knows what to do now.
Each person gets a tiny amount of money, what can he/she buy?
I bet people won't spend any more as long as the layoffs still threanten them at any business place.

Feb 9, 2009
Ignorami? More like Ignorati. (<wince> Sorry for the pun.) You see, it is not a secret society of the enlightened that control us all, but the whims of the incredibly thick (as in "dumb", not "pea soup") masses. I shudder as our world steadily regresses into a frighteningly accurate rendition of the movie "Idiocracy."
Feb 9, 2009
Better to have them inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in.
Feb 9, 2009
User Name: Dilgal Feb 9, 2009
The best way to raise money to repay the massive debt we're acruing would be to sell tickets for the opportunity to flog the executives and government officials that caused this mess. $1000 gets you 10 whacks at a mortgage CEO. $750 lets you beat the guys who were supposed to be overseeing Bernie Madoffs investment firm. A mere $500 and you can flog any one of the congressmen who voted for banking deregulation. And for only $5000 you can toss a shoe at Bush himself.

How much would it cost to beat you for your idiotic comments?
Feb 9, 2009
since past economic booms have relied heavily on morons and the government's stimulus package will make morons think the government actually did something, then these morons will start spending again, the economy will rebound, and the government's stimulus package will have worked.

perhaps the government knows what it is doing.
Feb 9, 2009
This reminds me of what happened in Germany after WW I. They had insane inflation to the point where they were printing 2,000,000 mark bills -- one of which MIGHT get you a pack of smokes. Until tomorrow, when you'd need about 4 of them. Want bread? Take a wheelbarrow full of money and maybe get 1 loaf of bread. The mark at that time was like our dollars today, not backed by gold or other specie.

They ended the inflation by issuing a new kind of mark that was "backed" by "soil debts". Whatever that means. It didn't really mean anything much, actually, but everybody decided that it must be okay, so the inflation stopped.

So Scott, I think you're right, and maybe everything will be wonderful if we can all just close our eyes and pretend hard enough. Economics is funny like that.
Feb 9, 2009
But basically idiots just make up for the harm they cause by doing more stupid things. If you didn't have idiots in society, you can assume a higher worker productivity increase rate with a higher average intelligence to solve problems. With a higher worker productivity you could assume the economy would grow likewise, therefore idiots are not only unnecessary, but they are also holding us back. It's the least they can do to get manipulated by the government into buying things. It's just annoying that they can vote as well, as they end up voting in politicians that increasingly use them and support their stupidity as a way to make government decisions that effect everyone.
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Feb 9, 2009
I am going to stimulate the economy by buying expensive rat guns and lots of ammo, then wait out the crisis. Does that make me part of the ignorami or the smart well informed group?
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