I'm having a sudden outbreak of unwarranted credibility and it has me worried.

Dennis Miller recently interviewed me on his radio show and he had a lot of nice things to say about my new book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

Paul Farrell, over at MarketWatch, reprinted my personal investment advice that has been floating around the Internet. The same list is also included in the most recent update of the classic personal investment book The Random Walk Down Wall Street, by Princeton professor of economics, Burton Malkiel.

As I mentioned in the last post, the Wall Street Journal lumped me together with famous people who actually know things.

In my book, The Dilbert Future, I coined the term "confusopoly" to describe companies in the same industry that confuse customers so much with their marketing that it isn't necessary to compete on price. The term caught on in Australia and has become a rallying cry against phone companies and their misleading advertising.

I recently released God's Debris on Kindle. Several years ago, after its softcover publishing run, I made the book available for free on the Internet. But folks have been asking for a Kindle version for convenience. A surprising number of people call God's Debris the best book they have ever read. The sequel, The Religion War, is based on a not-far future in which terrorists use small, home-built GPS-guided drones to attack population centers. That prediction is already coming true, and I wanted the Kindle version of God's Debris to be available when this sort of attack becomes a daily headline.

Someone asked me how many non-Dilbert books I've written. In this context, "non-Dilbert" means it is mostly original writing but might include some comics for humor relief within chapters. Here's the list.

The Dilbert Principle (workplace humor)
Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook (workplace humor)
The Dilbert Future (Humorous predictions)
The Joy of Work (workplace humor)
Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel (Humor)
God's Debris (fictional thought experiment)
The Religion War (fictional thought experiment)
Stick to Drawing Comics Monkey Brain (mostly from my blog writing, half humorous)
How to Fail Almost Every Time and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of my Life (memoir/success)

Those books have everything you need to know about humor, careers, finance, religion, health, and success. If I left out anything, let me know and I'll write another book.


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Dec 31, 2013
You should totally write a children's book. Easy money there.
Dec 31, 2013
"Stick to Drawing Comics Monkey Brain" is my favorite book, and I even gave out 4 copies as presents. Gotta spread that good stuff around.

I got you new book Christmas and look forward to reading it.
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Dec 31, 2013

Being Canadian, I'd love to see your take on the American system of government and the various parties involved.
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Dec 31, 2013
Relationships!!! You should write a book on relationships.
Dec 31, 2013
In HtFaAEaSWB you referenced "The Paradox of Choice", one of my favorite books. I was wondering if these blog comments were where you heard about it; I know I've mentioned it at least once. Not that you couldn't otherwise -- it's a fairly well-known book -- but I was just curious.
Dec 30, 2013
There are two other best selling authors describing the progression of these states: 1) Survival 2) Success and 3) Significance. (one also throws in "Stability")

Your success book is great... and is certainly about much more than "success". However, you have more to say on "significance". You're living it. And it seems that your career/life is in a strong transition between success and significance. Explore it. Write about it. I'll read it.

Dec 30, 2013
Hmmm, I'd say you are missing a cookbook, Scott!!
Dec 30, 2013
a core tenant of my "system" is that credibility is the only currency...

well done/congrats!
Dec 30, 2013
Hmm. Seems to have coincided with a somewhat prolonged outbreak of self-promotional blog posts...
Dec 30, 2013
Idea for a future blog post: Given what you know now, how would you raise a young child, and guide his or her education, to give them the best chance at success in life? I have a very young son, so the topic interests me; though, your blog readership does seem to skew a little older. As a book, or topic in one, it could garner even more interest from the media and general public; I know you think about how to expand your readership.
Dec 30, 2013
You've left out parenting, relationships, and marriage.
Dec 30, 2013
And regarding unwarranted credibility isnt that fixable? Dont you just have to do something/draw attention to something youve done in the past that had negative credibility?
Dec 30, 2013
Kind of off topic but...I was watching Undercover Boss the other night and couldnt help thinking there should be a Dilbert or three making fun of the concept.
Dec 30, 2013
Hi Scott - if it makes you feel better, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and I would probably also worry if Dennis Miller had nice things to say about me 8-}. But seriously, in what has quietly become a significant body of respected work (kudos!) you have hit the proverbial nail on the head several times. Thanks for the link for investment advice, it's a list I've wanted to send to friends more than once. - But here's the thing - I don't think that list is perfect, but it's much closer to perfect than anything else. Once in a while you get closer to real truths than most, which is why we all keep reading.

Happy New Year

Ps - if you want something to keep you going - Thanks for putting God's Debris on Kindle, that's a start, but how about getting -all- the works on your list above onto Kindle. :-)
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