I deleted today's post. My regular readers have the capacity to deal with this sort of topic but it gained a bit too much attention from outside my normal reading circle.

Knowledge is a dangerous thing.
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Mar 8, 2011
I'm very disappointed , Scott. For someone who exhibits such wit in cartoon humor , your attitude towards your own 'team' is one that reeks of insult and apathy. The same team you expect to pull you out of a burning car. Just whose side are you on, anyway? It can't be fairness or justice, since you said it yourself, they don't exist.

But let me take your post apart , piece by piece.
<quote> The reality is that women are treated differently by society for exactly the same reason that children and the mentally handicapped are treated differently. </quote>
Eh? You mean children and mentally handicapped people are allowed alter laws to favour them over the mentally sound ? Like children get to decide where to spend their parent's money ? Or mentally handicapped people get to decide how to run the economy ? Or that children are allowed to make accusations and insist on the harshest punishment being given, because they felt violated by something that happened 100 years before they were born, so whoever is present and alive today be punished because someone who's long dead allegedly did something to someone else who's also long dead.

You don't argue with a four-year old about why he shouldn't eat candy for dinner. You don't punch a mentally handicapped guy even if he punches you first. </quote>

So I supposed you'd just lay still and let women kick you in the crotch, coz it's easier for everyone ? What happens if the next step is to grab a knife and cut off your ...but I suppose you'd just get over it and not be a !$%*!$ Even if then it was your son next in line.
Sure <quote>You save your energy for more important battles.</quote> I don't know of any battle more important than that of personal safety, and that of loved ones. But who am I to argue, the great Scott Adams says only !$%*!$% get worked up about such trivial things as genital mutilation.

<quote>A man only digs in for a good fight on the few issues that matter to him, and for which he has some chance of winning. </quote>
So I take it men's rights are not issues that matter to you. Or you don't think you have a chance of winning. That's fine, if you ever get arrested on false charges of rape/sexual assault, I advise you not to hire a lawyer, you don't have much chance of winning anyway. Just hand over your balls to the feminazis, it's the path of least resistance, after all ?

[You make a persuasive argument against your hallucination of what my post said. -- Scott]
Mar 8, 2011
Got to hand it to you Scott, deleting that post was a brilliant way to draw more attention to it. It can easily be found with a google search. Just pray Charlie Sheen doesn't get wind of it and decide to incorporate its theme into his mindless rants.
Mar 8, 2011
...63 comments and no post to read. What a shame?
Mar 8, 2011
Today's lesson: Subscribe to the RSS feed!

The downside of being a writer is that no matter what your message, the readers still read what hits their perceptive filters. I always enjoy how you look at the world, since your perspective gives me the opportunity to make a bit of sense out of things that otherwise would baffle me.

But, too many people lack the capacity (or desire) to gain a sliver of knowledge at the expense of exposing their own short sighted view. Sucks to be them.

Would I treat those three groups the same? No. Can I see your point about the path of least resistance? Yeah.

Had you commented that one strategy for Women dealing with Men is similar to how they deal with ugly dogs and dirty toilet bowls, I might have been slightly offended at first. If you then tied it together with one similarity, I think that I could have looked past that, like a number of women did who commented positively on your post.

Keep writing...
Mar 8, 2011
I am female and would have liked to have commented. Although a victim of domestic violence at the hands of a male perpetrator, I have taken severe offense to the book "boys are dogs." I appreciate the men who attend our church, for every man that is there, there are 5 missing. Christ was a MAN of God. Thank god for these men, they help my son know what it is like to be a real man. He has held the door open for me since he was a baby, with no training whatsoever. Also being a southern woman I appreciate real southern gentlemen. If your post was about Sheen, don't worry, he is self destructing through his own sheen willpower alone. As one rehab peep put it "We are watching the death rattle of Charlie Sheen." I have always admired your Frank commentary. Most of your readers CAN handle the truth! Get to it!
Mar 8, 2011
Stop being such a !$%*!$%*!$%*!$ was just too easy. Also, I wanted to see if my !$%*!$% gets (@*#$& out, while you get to put it in posts. No big deal...just the nerd in me checking out your filters.

Sorry people took that post wrong. What a pain this internet thing is. As the father of a mentally ill child I took no offense in your comparison of women to my child. In fact i was flattered by it.
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Mar 8, 2011
[Writing is always aimed at a particular audience. I wrote the deleted post for a unique audience of regular readers who have a keen understanding of what I do here. When the audience changed, the writing no longer fit. It's really just that simple. New readers were getting worked up over something the regulars understand didn't actually exist. -- Scott]

Scott, Scott, Scott- it was pointed out in the comments of the original readers choice post that an outside group was gaming the vote for their topic. I understand you didn't want to deal with some of the flack your men's rights post was generating from outside groups, but taking down the post? Stop being such a !$%*!$

P.S. I knew that women, children and the mentally incompetent part was going to get you into trouble.
Mar 8, 2011
I think they proved your point for you. :) Well done. Great post, too. The truth is always the funniest comedy anyway.
Mar 8, 2011
Scott - Now that you're done with this fiasco, you should try a far less controversial topic, like assisted suicide or abortion haha. Actually, just bring on Charlie Sheen again, that's something everyone can get behind.

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Mar 8, 2011
I thought you had tiger blood! Turns out you're sane, and more of a menstrual substance. I'm slightly disappointed.

I'm a long time reader. While I don't agree with what you wrote, it was thought provoking and funny. And, while I don't agree with you removing it, I completely understand why you did. Anybody who doesn't is a moron. That said, it's the Internet. Anybody who thinks they can remove something from the Internet is a moron. ;)

Plus, I was hoping the blog would have a new sheen to it. Any chance we'll see someone lose it in spectacular style in the strip?
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Mar 8, 2011
Thankfully, nothing dies on the internet, and Google has the original cached. Good thing for me, because I sooo wanted to share it with people that "get" it... :)
Mar 8, 2011
1. Scott, you are a pathetic loser for deleting that post. If I knew you in person, I would slap you. Your post was realistic and true. Every major group is discriminated against in one way or another, and we just need to learn to deal with that. LIFE IS NOT FAIR!
2. All the people who whined about that post, screw you. Men have to deal with cr@p too, and like women we have the right to whine about it, so shut the hell up. If y'all are so offended by some of the posts, leave this blog and never return.
3. Since the number 1 idea went over like a fart in a stuck elevator, in an unairconditioned southern babtist church, in summer; it looks like the number 2 idea, mine about thought experiments, has taken first place. So Scott, get your fingers on the keyboard and type!
Mar 8, 2011
I understand. Good idea, Scott. I vote we bring back the thought experiments.
Mar 8, 2011
Wally, nothing could make you more fascinating!
Mar 8, 2011
Wow! Feminists and MRAs - both are angry at you!
Considering half of your objective is just to stir hornests' nests, you really outdid yourself this time.

Don't worry too much about it.
Mar 8, 2011
I shall ne'er be ware of mine own wit till I break my shins against it......Shakespeare

Nice Post, Scott. Its a pity some humourless, thin-skinned nincompoops got offended.
Mar 8, 2011
whew! sensitive subject. to all of those who oppose a humorists perspective try reading "a modest proposal' by jonathan swift.

now, go be good meat machines and continue down the path of least resistance...
Mar 8, 2011
Among the deleted comments, there was a link to a good article (http://www.psy.fsu.edu/~baumeistertice/goodaboutmen.htm), that pointed out the biological and motivational differences in men and women. Men and women are not as androgynous and exchangeable as some gender "scientists" would like us to believe. From that point of view, Scott's lumping together of "women, children and the mentally handicapped" and his message to men to "get over it!" looks quite rational and appropriate.

The part that Scott failed to see, is that there is a very active political movement called "gender mainstreaming", that blatantly denies any difference between the sexes in the name of equality (for women). So as a result, very few politicians and policy-makers would dare to compare women to "children and the mentally handicapped". However, it is still perfectly acceptable to tell men explicitly or implicitly to "man up and get over it."

As long as this double-standard persists, I expect to see rather more than less frustrated and angry men in our society.
Mar 8, 2011
I guess sometimes it's just too much fun not to give the hornets' nest a good whump with the whacking stick.
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Mar 8, 2011
It's hard when a community suddenly finds a lot of new faces in town - all the "givens" are no longer understood by all. Like that Scott is a smart comic book artist who doesn't take life or himself seriously, and who enjoys playing devils advocate for the joy of seeing a reaction.

I think it's sad that the newbies shoulder in shouting though ;)

I certainly understand you going the path of least resistance though Scott ;).

Keep up the thought provoking posts though. Even if you do delete them later.
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