I deleted today's post. My regular readers have the capacity to deal with this sort of topic but it gained a bit too much attention from outside my normal reading circle.

Knowledge is a dangerous thing.
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Mar 8, 2011
From an English perspective... This must be an "American thing". I can't understand what the problem is. Men and women are different... er... that's it...
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Mar 8, 2011
I found the original post on a blog somewhere. I think it's a well written and entertaining piece and, for posterity's sake, I hope you kept a copy of it somewhere.

I also think it's funny that the men's rights people have been burned by their attempt to hijack your blog. Lesson learned I hope.
Mar 8, 2011
Men’s Rights must be an American thing. When I saw this was the most popular topic in the poll I thought it was a gentle dig at Scott for being such a wimp with his wife. I didn't think for a second that it was an actual 'real' topic.

Are there really people out there who think men are hard done by? Victim culture gone mad.

If someone raised Men's Rights as an issue over here in the UK they would be laughed at.

Let's face it: men have it easier, on the hole (except gays)
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Mar 8, 2011
Don't underestimate the EEMKFMBLO, Kevin.
Mar 8, 2011
somehow you censor has edited a bad pun combining the name of the strip with the word "don't". I had meant to satirist a common newsroom practice.

Your censor apparently has good taste, but no class.
Mar 8, 2011

thank you for that, it turns the whole ordeal from a tragic story on a man falling against an onslaught of criticism, and turns it into a righteous ordeal of a twisted madman plotting gainst of poor author.

prudent action though, imagine the CNN headline: !$%*!$%*!$ how a cartoonist secretly advocated for domestic violence."
Mar 8, 2011
Scott, didn't you recently delete that post about Mubarak too after a day?
Mar 8, 2011
For anyone that wants the backstory:

r/MensRights sent its readers to the Scott Adams blog to hijack a survey so that Scott would write about Men's Rights.

Apparently, r/MensRights has no idea of the style in which Scott writes. Scott then writes one of his typical posts, this time about Men's Rights.

r/MensRights readers do not understand that Scott has a non-typical sense of humor and that he tries to be funny and provocative with his writings (they miss the fact that he writes comics every day). And because of this misunderstanding, r/MensRights in now upset and is harassing Scott and his readers.

Some of Scott's readers now have even less sympathy for Men's Rights groups due to the actions of some of their proponents.
Mar 8, 2011
Hey Scott,
I'm surprised that you didn't add 'Dance Monkey Dance' to the end! I thought it was a well-crafted piece of writing that summarised the key arguments from both sides. Of course there were holes in the 'argument' that people have jumped on as evidence that your moral fibre is flawed blagh blagh blagh. If people go to a comedy show that they don't like they leave and those of us who enjoy the comic laugh.

Hopefully they won’t come back and we can continue to enjoy seeing the world through your eyes.
Oh and I bet that this post will quickly be voted down along with all the others who are sad the world is in tolerant and that the post was deleted.
Dance Monkey Dance anyone?
Mar 7, 2011
i thought u did a great job Scott. and to all the ppl complaining about the deletion, remember about the path of least resistance.
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Mar 7, 2011
As one of the posters upset by the original post, I have to say I'm fascinated with the way this concluded. I've never read or commented on this blog before (apparently something you're not supposed to do when you're outside the original readers' circle), but was informed about the post by a friend and felt compelled to comment in the name of deconstructing its assumed differences regarding men and women and their privileges in patriarchal society.

The saddest part of this entire ordeal is it will only further discredit feminism as some kind of man-hating rhetoric. My points were never written against men, especially as a male and feminist myself. Masculinity is, indeed, harmful to our society based on the way it limits and homogenizes the way men feel they need to act. Men's experiences are equally vital, especially if the fight for equality is ever to be realized.

Nevertheless the original post was not using gender analysis to bring forth a discussion on the implications of masculinity; it, from my view, attempted to argue women had somehow gotten "two much equality," men were the victims now and that men's rights should be the newest centerpiece of discussion, as if we live in some sort of post-feminist era despite the disproportionate discrimination against women. Men's rights doesn't add to the equality movement; it distracts us from systematic issues and exaggerates the degree of liberty granted to women, whether legally or metaphysically.

Ah, Another battle lost. Another stereotype of feminism misinterpreted and another reinforcement of fundamental differences between men and women accepted by the public. what a shame.

[Writing is always aimed at a particular audience. I wrote the deleted post for a unique audience of regular readers who have a keen understanding of what I do here. When the audience changed, the writing no longer fit. It's really just that simple. New readers were getting worked up over something the regulars understand didn't actually exist. -- Scott]
Mar 7, 2011
The original post predicted its own demise. Well played, sir. Well played.

And for the thin-skinned fragillians among you. !$%* you. And then smiley face : ).
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Mar 7, 2011
I find it amusing that my RSS reader collected both the original post and the "Deleted" message as separate entries... so I read the entire thing before seeing the message that it was supposedly pulled.
Mar 7, 2011
scott you are a great writer and a great comic strip artist. someday you will laugh about this but right now you have to put up with the haters. besides mens rights is what everyone asked for
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Mar 7, 2011
I'm not at all impressed.

If you're not willing to stand behind something you say, you probably shouldn't have said it.

[I would argue that principled stands at the cost of common sense and good judgment are what's ruining the world. -- Scott]
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Mar 7, 2011
Scott, I've been reading your blog for a long time now, and this is the first time I've ever commented. I read the original post over on Reddit, and I'm sorry that you felt the need to delete it. I don't always agree with you, but I like your view on the world. You always seem to have something of value to add to the discussion. Again, I'm sorry to see that you felt compelled to delete your post.
Mar 7, 2011
I thought the post was a thoughtful rant without malice (okay, maybe with malice) nor forethought (okay, there was some of that too). You were right. A bit off color, but right. Sorry people can't deal with a full frontal opinion.
Mar 7, 2011
on a completely unrelated topic I'd be interested to hear how you're doing since the loss of Sara - did you ever get another "office cat"? this just donned on me as I see our Siberian curled up in her "sleeping chair" and w/the 3rd anniversary of her predecessor's death next week. I know y'all got a dog but it's not the same - Sara would have wanted you to give another cat a home (when you're ready)... I can tell you that while I'd never been a "breed snob" before I gotta say I'm definitely a Siberian believer now...

[No new cat yet. Our one cat and dog are practically lovers, so it's good pet chemistry at the moment. -- Scott]
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Mar 7, 2011
"Get over it, !$%*!$%*! Really? That was a monumentally stupid thing to write.

[Someday I hope to write as well as you comment. It is my dream. -- Scott]
Mar 7, 2011
When I saw that Men's Rights was the top-voted choice the other day, I knew this was coming. Gender issues are a hornet's nest in general and Men's Rights in particular. There are some serious issues underlying it, but boy, what a lot of drama.
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