How can you make money from this whole global warming thing? I mentioned back in January that I was investing in a water resources portfolio (PHO) under the theory that water would be the next bubble. So far I'm up 9%, but the market is up in general, so that's no big deal. Global warming is predicted to cause massive droughts in some places, so this seems like a good hedge.

But it got me thinking that there must be a way for believers in global warming to profit at the expense of skeptics, assuming the believers are right. For investment purposes it doesn't matter what is causing global warming. All that matters is that it is happening and apparently already unstoppable according to a growing consensus of scientists.

The obvious stock plays have already been run up. If you invest now in solar, wind, and other green energy players, you might be getting in late. And some other better technology could overtake them. I'm looking for an investment that doesn't involve green technology.

For example, I already play soccer and tennis at indoor facilities. If there was a stock you could buy in some company that was building indoor sports clubs that would be a good play. You'll need them when it gets hotter.

Food supplies will be disrupted in some places and maybe improved in others. If you could find a way to invest in an agribusiness that has its operations in places likely to have improved growing conditions with global warming that might be a play.

Maybe real estate is the way to go, but it's harder to diversify. The idea is to find places that have just okay weather now that will have terrific weather later. That seems too risky. Real estate is influenced by too many other factors.

The best investment hedge might be as simple as a portfolio of sunscreen manufacturers.

What are your global warming investment ideas? And resist the urge to say, "beachfront property in Idaho."
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May 5, 2009
I suspect niche meats from the Polar Regions, like Seal cutlets or Narwhal ribs, will take off. I dare say they would be marketed as a healthy alternative to beef etc. However, the real message they give out is: Hey, everyone, even my prey has air conditioning.
Similarly, anti-tanning products will probably have a renaissance as they demonstrate one's ability to hide from the Sun, which in a tropical climate costs money.
May 5, 2009
Make a movie about global warming; you're helping solve the problem by making people aware and you get millions from the box office revenue.
May 5, 2009
For your readers outside America, what does G.E.D. stand for?

[If you don't finish high school the usual way, in the usual time, you have an option of taking a test that gives you the degree. It carries a stigma that you weren't serious about school when you were school age. -- Scott]
May 5, 2009
Newfoundland real estate.
May 4, 2009
Even if the world is not going to burn up like a match head, and global warming is something other than what we think it is, at the very least we are driving technologies that we were not looking at before.

Maybe we can escape the yoke of all the oil companies, by providing alternate means of energy that don't just feed some greedy oil baron's pockets. Maybe we can all grab a cola beverage, and sing, hand in hand.
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May 4, 2009
"The best investment hedge might be as simple as a portfolio of sunscreen manufacturers."??? So now global warming is increasing the intensity of sunshine? Did the exhaust from my car accidently alter the earth's orbit? Sorry about that - I will turn it around and drive an equal distance in the opposite direction.
May 4, 2009
Oh, sorry, delete the "Too bad you can't invest in paranoid idiots in denial. There's a growth market for you. "

That's your day job, isn't it.
May 4, 2009
Arctic Shipping. Greenland Real Estate (we know that 1000 years ago there were crops grown in Greenland.) Land slightly uphill from Florida, Houston, New Orleans. Salt Marsh Remediation. Fish Farming. Venture Capital into new Air Conditioning tech. Domed Cities?. Rescue and Reconstruction Companies. Atomic Power. Blue Sky ventures into Fusion, Solar Power Satellites, Clean power of all kinds.

The thing about Climate Change, is that the extremes will get more extreme as more energy is pumped into the system. You can already see years where a record flood is followed by a record drought or vice versa. It is happening right today in Texas and Alabama. So what will make money on that sort of scenario?

Too bad you can't invest in paranoid idiots in denial. There's a growth market for you.
May 4, 2009
If you believe this "Global Warming" will hit in your lifetime, I wouldn't bet on water being in short supply. Historically, when it has been hotter, it has also been wetter. Dryer is associated with colder, those glaciers didn't pop out of thin air you know, all that water that should have dropped on your ancestors cave went into a glacier instead.
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May 4, 2009
Today's comic.
" I live in a rented trailer....
I guess promiscuity and a G.E.D. was a pretty good Strategy for me after all"

Congratulations on slipping some obscene sexual morality past the editors!! Loved it.
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May 4, 2009
I'm planning on growing banana's in Antarctica. Might even be room for a mango farm too. Anyone want to buy shares?
May 4, 2009
The stock market is a crapshoot with the odds highly in favor of the house (Wall Street moguls). Invested in solar systems for the home for electricity, domestic hot water and to heat the pool. Paid for them with a $30,000 CD that was only earning 2%. Now have almost no utility bill and the return on investment is one heck of a lot better than the CD. It gets even better with every energy rate increase. We totally control this investment and can look up on the roof and see it working every day.
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May 4, 2009
Bikinis - and Tummy Tuck clinics

Actually I'd be tempted to invest in wool futures. I've lived in a solar-heated home before. It's only warm when the sun is shining.
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May 4, 2009
you could start a company that puts vacuum cleaners on top of factory smokestacks, and told people that they reduced carbon emmisions. Color your logo green, and put a little leaf-shaped sticker on the box, and you could retire.
May 4, 2009
You people all misunderstand global warming. A temperature change of one degree Celsius will not create a massive exodus of Americans to Canada. It will, however, mess with ecosystems in unpredictable ways. Strongly interacting networks take a small distribution of input variance, and map them into a broader distribution of output variance. Most measures will not be affected. A small number of measures will be dramatically effected.

My best bet would be to invest in wine made from grapes that come from small regions that are geographically barred to the north, particularly if they have legal trademark protection for the names (like 'Champagne'). The grapes are likely to do less well after climate change; growers will be unable to move the grapes further north; wine made in the good old years will increase in value, especially if that variety of grape goes extinct.

I'd recommend investing in truffles for the same reason, if there were a way to preserve them. OTOH, it seems likely someone will figure out a way to cultivate truffles like mushrooms in the next 30 years.

P.S. - Much of the American public has a curious epistemology when it comes to global warming. If you track the opinions of climatologists over time, and the responses of Americans to those opinions over time, these are the claims these induhviduals are making:

- If you put 100 climatologists in a room, and find that half of them say global warming is due to human activity, and half of them say it isn't, that proves that the cause of global warming is not due to human activity.

- If 90 of them say global warming is due to human activity, and 10 of them say it isn't, that proves that the matter is under debate and requires further study.

- If 99 of them say global warming is due to human activity, and 1 of them says it isn't, that proves that there is a conspiracy to cover up the fact that global warming isn't due to human activity.
May 4, 2009
BBarber3, great way of thinking there. Global Warming hysteria huh? Every scientist that has ever studied the impacts of increased CO2 in the atmosphere have agreed that it has been the biggest influence in the global temperature rising about 3 - 4 degrees in the last 30 years. The only people that have disagreed with this are media outlets with their own agendas. Do you believe that the polar ice caps are just melting on their own and falling into the ocean? It's the backward thinking of people like you closing your eyes and covering your ears and pretending that nothing is happening that insures this problem will only get worse. This is not just a liberal issue, it's a an issue for the entire human race. People like you just don't care because it doesn't have a big impact on your life right now, it only impacts the poorest of the humans on Earth mostly in Africa. So keep on polluting and leave an Earth that is completely devastated for your grandkids to live in.
May 4, 2009
The whole thing is a money making scam.

If the people driving the 'Global Warming' hysteria REALLY believed that we were going to destroy the planet and make it so that humans could not survive, they would never allow the money making schemes such as 'Carbon Credits' or 'Cap-and-Trade'. All those schemes say is, "I'm willing to let you continue destroying the planet, IF you pay me enough money."

If they really believed we were headed for disaster, there would be no amount of money you could pay them to continue producing carbons.

I refuse to believe that a substance created naturally (when we or any animal breathes, no less) and needed by our planet to survive (plants thrive on CO2) is a pollutant.

I say "Make a tree happy, produce a little extra CO2 today".

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May 4, 2009
On an unrelated note, our CEO said this today in our staff meeting: "My goal as a CEO is to not end up as a Dilbert strip."
May 4, 2009
Canadian and Russian real estate should go boom in the next decade or so.
May 4, 2009
How about just going to ladbrokes.com and placing a massive bet on something Global Warming related? They have plenty of bets on that! Of course, since Global Warming is in actuality a scam, you'll are all going to get f***ed! Hah!

Arnold D'Souza
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