The results of my survey of economists will be published in mid September. It's going to take longer than I thought to swim through the data and pull out the good stuff. And I have been advised by smart people that this week is a bad one to compete for attention in the news.  I can tell you that I've seen the raw results and there will be surprises.

Let's do a little experiment here. I asked economists to rank issues by how important they are to the economy. I'm asking you the same thing now. In the comments, tell us what you think is the number one issue for the United States from an ECONOMIC perspective.

I'm guessing your answers will be all over the place, and that says a lot about the challenge of democracy. If you don't know which issue is most important to the economy, it's hard to know which candidate would do the best job.

In your view, what is the most important issue for the economy?
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Aug 27, 2008
The dolar being a fiat currency that needs petrol being sold in dollars to sustain itself and the need of behaving like a militar empire to keep petrol being sold in dollars.
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Aug 27, 2008
I would guess that the most important issue for the economy is faith. In the banking system, in the markets, etc. Ultimately the value of a dollar is dependent on how much you believe that <i>everyone else</i> believes that it is worth; similarly, the value of a stock. Even more so the value of employment: how many people a company is willing to hire is based on how useful it thinks a higher payroll will be in the future, which is based on how the economy will do in the future, which is based on how many people companies are willing to hire. So it's all about faith.
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