Perhaps you read the so-called "news" in the United States that an obsessed FBI agent sent a photo of himself, shirtless, to a married woman who is connected to the story of General Patreus and his extra-marital affair. That's what I call a story! Sex, power, wow!

Days pass. Now a lawyer for the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association explains that the photo was in a larger context of the two families who have been social friends for years sending joke photos to each other on a regular basis. The picture in question showed the agent humorously standing between two firing-range dummies that I assume were also shirtless.


I hate it when context ruins a good news story.

But wait, there's still hope. Do you trust a lawyer whose job description involves manipulating the truth? Or do you trust the free press whose mission is to bring you accurate and useful news?

I'm going with the lawyer on this one.

But I give the free press credit for turning a bunch of nothing into two interesting stories. The first story was the salacious tale of an obsessed stalker in the FBI. The second story was the correction in which the FBI agent is revealed to be just a family man with a good sense of humor. I'd like to be on that FBI agent's joke list. The firing-range picture actually sounds funny.


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Nov 19, 2012
Here's another case of facts getting in the way regarding USC coach Lane Kiffin.

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Nov 17, 2012
"Or do you trust the free press whose mission is to bring you accurate and useful news?"

This is ironic considering the mission of Faux Noize.
Nov 16, 2012
Slightly off-topic, but within the scope of recent posts, a must-read Onion article:

Nation Horrified To Learn About War In Afghanistan While Reading Up On Petraeus Sex Scandal


Nov 16, 2012
I don't give the free press any credit on this one. They have not turned "a bunch of nothing into two stories".

What they have done is completely ignore the story about how Patraeus no longer has to testify about CIA involvement during the attack in Benghazi. You'd think it might be important to hear what the head of the CIA has to say about the assassination of an ambassador.
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Nov 16, 2012
Thanks for sharing the link. You'e absolutely right.
Nov 16, 2012
The photo has been posted at Fox News.


The joke here is obvious, the FBI agent looks exactly like one of the dummies. It's like he's one of them. I understand media sensationalism going out of control, but this is a bit over the top. It's pretty obvious to anyone with a half a brain cell that there was nothing to this story from the get-go.
Nov 16, 2012
I hypothesize that you are sensitive to the decontextualization of so-called news because you get taken out of context and subjected to a good straw-man butt kicking occasionally.
i actually found your blog thanks to a news outlet posting you out of context a while back. crappy for you, pathetic of them, entertaining for me... i'm gonna say that i would rather it not happen, but its a bit of a tossup.
Nov 15, 2012
So the guy was shirtless between two firing dummies?

I do not get law-enforcement humor. I get guns and gun humor. I get nudity based humor. This is just odd.

Hold on a minute... can we now say FBI Agent backtracks from nude pics or FBI agent doubles down on topless photos? This looks like it can go either way. He might actually have the worse lawyer ever on his side.
Nov 15, 2012
What this shows more than anything is that what passes for journalism today no longer has any standards. They never feel the need to report the truth, or check the facts in the story before pushing it out as fast as possible. In their rush to try to resurrect their dying ratings, they go for sensationalism over substance, regardless of who gets hurt or how biased or incorrect their story is.

That's why I never form an opinion about something I hear in the news, particularly when it's salacious or controversial, until time and public outcry forces so-called journalists to finally do their duty and discover what the late Paul Harvey called "The rest of the story."

I recall an earlier post of Scott's concerning the Trayvon Martin case, and how biased and templatized the initial reports on that story were. "White guy guns down poor innocent black child." I mentioned at that time that I had not formed an opinion because there was too much rush to put a horrible story on the news regardless of the facts. Now we know that the narrative the press initially pushed, complete with tampered audio and incorrect video analysis, was almost completely wrong.

This story (the shirtless Special Agent) is much the same. All the news media ran with the story of this crazed stalker FBI agent doing an Anthony Wiener on some wacko socialite in Tampa. "So let me get this straight," I thought. "The FBI guy who starts out investigating harassing emails to a woman turns right around and sends her harassing emails of his own. Sure, makes sense to me! NOT!!"

Now we find out that he's an FBI hero who was responsible, at least in part, for stopping the terrorist who planned to blow up the Space Needle in Washington state on New Year's Eve a number of years ago. Yeah, if ever the press was justified in slamming the reputation of any FBI guy, he'ds sure be the one I'd pick.

The mainstream media is no longer concerned with reporting the news, or holding power accountable. They're there for two things: to push an agenda, and to try to drive up ratings by focusing on sex, gore and character assassination. Anyone who pays attention to them and allows their opinions to form before the whole story comes out is going to stay ignorant forever.
Nov 15, 2012
Families that send topless shirts to each other aren't joking, they are swingers.
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Nov 15, 2012
This might be funny if the consequences of this whole debacle were not so dire.

Imagine Dilbert's firm had actually (either inadvertently or in a moment of competence inspired by some existential threat) hired good leaders who began to turn the company around, listen to customers, produce useful, high-quailty products, create good jobs, etc.

The PHB is reassigned to lead some useless department where he can't do any harm. Years of destructive mismanagement characterized by incalculable opportunity loss looks to be coming to an end.

Then the someone nails the good leader for using company-provided office supplies for personal use. Scandal erupts. Good leaders are fired. The PHB is back in charge and what might have been is lost forever.

That's pretty much what happened here. Competent leaders emerged out of necessity in Iraq -and were actually promoted over career-plodding generals whose failures were rewarded, more often than not, with praise and promotion. We had a chance for a decade perhaps of decent leaders in the CIA and military. Who knows where it could have gone from there - and now this.

It makes me ill - because in this case, incompetence costs far more than poor shareholder returns....
Nov 15, 2012

[What suprises me is that people are still suprised when the commercial media manipulates stories to create sensationalism. ]

Theres a sucker born every minute.
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Nov 15, 2012
What suprises me is that people are still suprised when the commercial media manipulates stories to create sensationalism.

THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING MONEY. Not reporting the news accurately.
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Nov 15, 2012
Meanwhile, front page on the BBC website is the coverage of Israeli warplanes striking Gaza and pictures of Katyusha rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel. Thanks liberal media. I really needed to know about the love life of our public servants and the financial status of their mistresses.
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Nov 15, 2012
The real story is how easily someone with a personal connection to the FBI can bring the full surveillance apparatus of the federal government to bear on *whatever* they want. A simple cat fight allows excessive invasions into numerous people's lives, none for the better, most innocent of any actual crimes. Though some are obviously somewhat morally deficient, this massive investigation was totally unwarranted on any criminal basis.
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