Describe the idiot, excluding yourself, who is preventing you from accomplishing your biggest goal. Describe the goal in one sentence, but spend as much time as you like describing the idiot.
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Aug 3, 2009
goal: a certain someone
idiot: -that exact same certain someone!

Aug 3, 2009
My "girlfriend". She trapped me with lies and blackmail and manipulation. Then she doesn't understand why I don't act like I love her. Of course, this comes back around to me, doesn't it.
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Aug 3, 2009
Goal - Marry the girl of my dreams.
Idiot thwarting goal - The guy she's currently dating. Some women have no taste.
Aug 3, 2009
This is a trick question. I'm the only person powerful enough to keep me from achieving any goal I set for myself. Since you've said you can't pick yourself, there's no one left to list. Any person I tried to blame would just be an excuse to not blame the real obstacle, me.
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Aug 3, 2009
Goal - complete a software requirements specification for a database application.

Idiot - the client, who won't answer emails or show up for review sessions. Later he'll complain to his cronies about how the IT department screwed it up again, and gave him a system that he can't use.
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Aug 3, 2009
Goal - become a world famous cartoonist by poking fun at corporate culture, etc.
Idiot thwarting goal - some guy who seems to have got there before me...
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