I spent the past week in Fiji with my wife, on Turtle Island. http://www.turtlefiji.com/, for what was our extremely belated honeymoon. It's a 500 acre island with about 100 staff and generally no more than 20 guests. At one point last week there were only eight guests, but that was unusual.

The experience is indescribable. There is no TV, no BlackBerry signal on most of the island, and no Internet unless you borrow some time on the gift shop computer. Each couple can book an entire private beach, complete with picnic lunch, almost any day you want. And these are no ordinary beaches. Any one of the several choices is the best beach you have ever seen. In fact, the movie Blue Lagoon was shot on this island. By the second day, your regular life becomes a faint memory. You are completely immersed.

The temperature hovered about 80 degrees and it was sunny every day. Apparently that is normal. The water was warm, clear and blue, and you could walk a hundred yards into the ocean before the water level was over your head. The sand was perfect, and never too hot on your feet. You can go barefoot from the minute the seaplane lands to the minute you head home. I am not exaggerating when I say it felt like I was in some sort of "Total Recall" simulated vacation where everything was too good to be real.

The staff memorizes the names of all guests, and you are on a first name basis from the moment you arrive. Every time we saw one of the Turtle Island staff, from any distance, they greeted us with the traditional "bula," huge smiles, and often our first names. The first day it seems freaky. By the end of the week you feel like family.

The guests eat most meals at a common table, on the beach, feet in the sand.  Everyone is extra friendly because there are so few of you in this shared experience, and you are all relaxed and happy. Somehow the physical beauty of the island makes everyone a better person. And the staff is so genuinely happy and warm that it rubs off on you. No kids are allowed on the island, except for a few "family weeks" each year. Our week was mostly honeymooners, anniversary celebrants, and couples who hoped to be married soon.

Each guest cabin (called a bure) has a dedicated "mama" who literally acts as your mom while you are on the island. She answers all your questions, arranges your picnic lunches on the beach, does your laundry every night, and cleans your room. If you want something, you just ask your mama. Our mama, Adi, was amazing. She made sure I got my vegetarian meals, and was our personal paparazzi. At the end she gave us a scrapbook she made with the photos she took during the week.

One of the guests reported seeing a couple that was about to leave the island, sitting on the beach weeping. I didn't understand that until it was our turn to leave. We wept too.

Best vacation ever. Now back to work.
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Sep 17, 2008
It sounds like paradise, specially the fact that there are no children.
But aren't there too many mamas around? Is it still possible to get laid on the beach?

Anyway, anyone reporting such lovely hollidays would sound hateful but you :)
Aug 15, 2008
Wow. What a wonderful honeymoon. You are blessed to be able to have had such a wonderful time. I'm sure this trip was something you'll remember forever.

Now, back to work!
Aug 14, 2008
That place looks great. Our 30th is coming up in October. Too bad I'm not rich. Scott, would you be interested in adopting a 55 year old bald guy. Ho yeah, and his wife.
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Aug 14, 2008
Should have rented the entire island. It's only $300 000.
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Aug 14, 2008
Well it's no wonder why everyone treats you like family there. $1,941 a night? Cheese and rice, Scott! I am trying to not spend that much money for my entire honey moon!!!!

*sigh* if only I did something that paid better than being an IT Systems Administrator . . . . in Cleveland, OH . . . .
Aug 13, 2008
Thanks for making me feel like a total loser and worst husband on the planet Scott. I just took my lovely bride of 20 years to Niagara Falls for our anniversary thinking it was the most romantic place on earth. I guess I'm living in the past again as we pushed through throngs of strollers and running teenagers for a week whilst standing in long lines to get a waffle cone for 5 bucks across the street from the WWE PileDriver thrill ride.

We did eventually stumble upon Niagara on the Lake which was quite nice. The wineries were fantastic as well. In the end, we had a good time... but no weeping involved. Turtle Island it is for number 25...
Aug 13, 2008
Dear Scott,
Great to read that you had such a good time in paradise! Actually I was getting a bit worried about the long "silence" without prior warning. I have sent you an e-mail yesterday with a link to the story on Kangaroos helping to save the planet. You might find that interesting.
Best wishes,
Aug 13, 2008
Glad you had a good time.

I'd be freaked out by all the constant attention, I need to get away from humans to relax.
Aug 13, 2008
Believe or not, but such holiday seems horrible to me. I prefer to care about myself, not to be in care of somebody else. I even prefer to prepare my coffee in office myself (even I have an assistant, who could do it).
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Aug 13, 2008
Aug 13, 2008
You deserve each moment there! Congratulations!
Aug 12, 2008
Scott, you should visit the Appalachian Mountains. Every season has its highlights. Any of the mountain towns in the Carolinas will do. I dream of having a house up in the mountains or in one of the foothills.

Fire@will, I'm so sorry to hear your story. Did you cry immediately after your honeymoon, because of the end of the honeymoon, or because you realized what you were into?
Aug 12, 2008
You've spent your whole life working, why not take plenty of vacations? :)

We'll miss you, but we can deal. Take care of yourself first.
Aug 12, 2008
I would love to travel there. I think I'm going to work hard and do just that.

-Mene Tekel
Aug 12, 2008
Imagine if everyone was nice to each other all the time. Makes we want to cry too.
Aug 12, 2008
Sounds like a perfect place to run a Ponzi scheme.
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Aug 12, 2008
Just once in my life I'd like to be in a financial position where a holiday like this is an option. Just once. Boy, does it suck not to be in that position.
Aug 12, 2008
What a wonderful place, I too have ordered the DVD and more information. Will probably go next year.
How's the voice?
Aug 12, 2008
You of course realize that they should refund every penny you spent, and then some, just for the free publicity you gave them. I already bookmarked the website and will probably request the DVD.
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Aug 12, 2008
But did you see any turtles?! I can go to any old island for a nice beach, if I was going all that way I'd need to see the turtles...
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