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Jul 27, 2011
Nazi Germany weren't very close to having a bomb, that's true. It's not like they advertised that, however. The US and Germany were both trying, we just got their first (and signifcantly so judging by where the Germans were at the end of the war.) The fact that could have gotten there is what compelled us. Nuke V-2 (or better) rocket? I shudder to think.
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Mar 15, 2011
Nazi Germany was not even close to developing a nuculear weapon, they simply did not have the resources to do so. Even so, development of the atom bomb could be considered a good thing as it more then likely saved millions of lives by making the invasion of Japan unnecessary.
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Jan 21, 2011
Reversely, how fast would you have to go before you end up taking a history test
Jun 5, 2010
Regardless, Einstein was one of the most brilliant people of the twentieth century. Regardless, it was probably a good thing we built the atomic bomb because Nazi Germany was working on a similar project at the time.
Aug 7, 2009
Well technically, Einstein signed the letter to FDR that encouraged the US to develop the atomic bomb before the germans; though he nothing to do with the project, by signing that letter he was one of the major reasons FDR started the manhaten project. He did later regret it though, and advocate for nuclear disarmament.
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