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Jun 9, 2014
I also have a degree in physics and in a philosphical argument it accounts for nothing. Reality can be highly personal. A photograph of a flower in spring can bring a smile to on person's face and leave someone else indifferent. Anybody looking for a good argument on religeon I gladly refer to Richard Dawkins. Anything outside our cadre of space-time perception is at best speculative and at worst dogmatic. Our eyes are indeed limited to a narrow band of the electro-magnetic spectrum which is why we have developed instruments to remove that restriction. What we know is not all we will learn but what we have learned to this point. What we do not know is what we will learn given the time and resources. Any non-evidence based view of the universe is subject to change. Or does anybody here still think thunder is caused by clouds bumping into eachother?
Mar 8, 2014
Despite what I am sure are good reasons for 40% of the comments on this strip being MIA, it does make reading what's left somewhat like having to listen to one side of someone's phone conversation on the train. It's far more distracting than if you could hear both sides. This also seems to be the case on a lot of strips up to this point.

Also something about Dilbert's angry face just makes me smile.
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Jul 30, 2012
I have a lot of money and I am actually a moron.
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Sep 9, 2011
@Zugzwang: You can't be a physicist with 'scientific colleagues'. Anyone with qualifications & colleagues in a field of Science call themselves & their colleagues after their field – astrophysicist, biochemist, marine biologist, etc. And they wouldn't have a simplistic view of the world.
And our world is not full of inconsistencies that science cannot explain – name one! Chaos Theory provides an explanation for the events it observes & measures. It may not be an explanation that fits in with our direct experiences but it is an explanation. And later it might be replaced or incorporated into a more general theory in accordance with the Scientific Method.
And 'what we perceive ,we create' & what we know is all we will learn' is a nonsense use of words. And what sort of advice is 'open your minds'. I would say be very careful of people telling you to 'open your minds' because they are probably trying to sell you some illogical idea. And what monumental events are Eye Openers?
SA is very clever & has moments of genius. Dogbert is NOT the true genius – take Dilbert away & he would just be one of many characters with no one to exploit.
Jul 20, 2011
I am a Physicist. However, most of my Scientific colleagues see in the world around us as is or is not (Black and white). Our world is full of inconsistencies that science on its own cannot explain. Hence Chaos Theory. What we perceive, we create. What we know is all we will learn. Open your minds, accept new ideas and watch your world change. That is why we call certain monumental events "Eye Openers". Dogbert is the TRUE genius in this strip. (And thus SA!)
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