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Jan 26, 2011
making more money doesn't change how much you have, just decreases how much it's worth
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Dec 6, 2010
He is right, it not right. Printing more money is theft on existing money.
Oct 21, 2010

How many of those companies have executives taking huge bonuses and fay paychecks home after driving those companies into the ground? Idiots at the top are rewarded while the people who do the actual work are left to rot with smaller paychecks, cut hours, and a loss of benefits.

I can't believe you don't already know that, considering it's one of the central themes of Dilbert.
Apr 28, 2009
They're right. It's not fair.
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Feb 17, 2009
Well, the same can be said to the French labour union. If you look at the recent news (in January 2009), you can see how silly it works; in a financial crisis, they decided to launch a strike. That is the foolish equivalent of going on a diet when you're anorexic. These French clearly don't know what they.... what?.... oh, it's my French neighbour. Hi Luc... what?.... no.... don't confiscate my wine!..... France is great, France is great....please, I was only kidding! ..... no! not the Gascony vintage! nooooo.... I'm sorrryyyyyy!!!

Dietrich! Not you too! Don't take my Eisbock! it's not even October yet :'@
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