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Jun 14, 2014
While Pink's reasoning is impeccable it is also not very funny. Eric Idles comment, on the other hand, that he hoped there was intelligent life in outer space because there is bugger-all down here on earth, was highly amusing. Personally I think if aliens visit this cesspool out of their own free will, they can't be that smart.
Jan 11, 2013
While I figure there's a near certainty that there is life, intelligent and otherwise, all over the universe, I find it near unbelievable that a technology has been developed by anyone to navigate the vast amounts of space that must be traveled in a time that is nearly unimaginable.

Einstein might be wrong that we are limited by the speed of light, but even approaching the speed of light with any significant mass seems rather unlikely. Now, wormhole theory is certainly plausible, but I can't imagine a scenario where a vessel would be able to travel through one undamaged.

Alien technology is certainly not limited by my ability to imagine it, but if you can move through wormholes I also can't imagine getting caught up in crop circles and probes. :-)
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