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Jan 11, 2013
If I'm grading ...

91% Reagan
... Bush #1
60% Clinton
66% Bush #2
41% Obama

Ron Paul gets a 45% but if he gets a grown up foreign policy, I'll amend to 90%

I'd vote for John Stossell!
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Sep 21, 2011
Commie socialist free patient?!?

Dear god am I glad that I don't live in the US but somewhere with fewer idiots and a working health care system.
Dec 22, 2010
Anybody remember the idiot that ran this country for 8 years before Obama? It takes more than a couple years to clean up eight years of bullsh*t. Give the man some time
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Nov 11, 2010
Sounds about right to me.
Down with Obamacare!
Quick before this becomes an Obamanation!!!

too late
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Nov 3, 2010
OK...Mongobert sorry about that. But we all know somebody was going to post an Obamacare comment sooner or later. Mongobert see no other comments, Mongobert door shut, nobody was around, and, well....
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