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Jan 16, 2014
Determanator, I've used one. ;-) A couple years ago in fact; I think it would've been before you made your comment. There's a lot of research going on with brain-computer interfaces...
Jan 11, 2013
I have my iPhone to do all that stuff, but I still get pretty geeked up about my rock-tool utility belt. Rock hammer, brunton, HCl acid bottle, magnifying eyepiece ... and that $400 rangefinder on my wish list. :-D
Dec 21, 2011
i'm still waiting for a piece of technology that you can interface with just by thought
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Apr 24, 2011
@AngelMitch The vogue of fashion for techno savvy geeks.
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Apr 24, 2011
I bet there have been some people out there in the past who devised a utility belt to carry all those gadgets.
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