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Apr 25, 2014
I'm laughing so hard at this ^^
Jan 23, 2014
KingMidnight, you must have a damn good hook-up...
Aug 29, 2011
Okay... Let's not ruin the hitchhiker here.. the answer: 42; The question 6x9; Reply: I always thought something was fundamentally wrong with the universe.

DA leaves it as a conundrum, but I'm SURE that it's not supposed to be any -error- in the question (or answer), It's supposed to be a source for further thinking.. DA often tries to make us think.

If I am going to give ONE of the way of thinking where the sum of a correct equation is different from reality.. The universe is supposed to not have existed.. just a great nothing.. and as we all know; nothing comes from nothing.. and yet, the university, AND matter is supposed to suddenly appear from it.. Possible explanation (of which DA's equation should be considered a simplified form of):If we were to form a great unification theory which would not only explain the fabric of space- as we know it- but also about the non-space- as it was before space existed- we would find out the the sum of non.space was "zero" evenly distributed, but there was suddenly a disruption in the "scattering" of the balance (6*9 suddenly became 42) which meant that there was something that "subtracted" at one point and "added" at another (total sum still zero) which the "chemistry" of the non-space could not resolve in other way than creating energy (which turned to matter and time)

A more philosophical way of looking at it; We are not supposed to make sense.. we can have pieces of the puzzle, but even if we have (what we believe to be) complete question, and answer, we still have missunderstood how to use those to actually get the answer we thought we were searching.
Jul 13, 2011

But you see in base 13 six times nine is 42. Hence the first half of IHATE's comment.
Jul 13, 2011
The — was supposed to be a dash in both cases.
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