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Jan 4, 2013
lol cooly spelled wolly as willy
Feb 2, 2011
*gives cooly an award* For misspelling one of the main characters, which lead to you being the first ever to have triple digit negative vote :D *throws award at cooly*
Jan 11, 2011
@seisho, have you ever heard of biodiversity? The reason biodiversity is so important is because you never know where the next cancer cure, or medicine, or solution to a problem will come from. That checkered owl might be the only species that produces a protein that will cure a certain cancer. We simply don't know yet, so it makes sense to try and maintain as much biodiversity as we can, because once that species is extinct, the odds are pretty small their parent species will evolve in a similar way again
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Nov 5, 2010
I have just noticed that coolycool has -82 thumbs up, this is unusual even for some of the most hated commenters e.g Histerik, galaxyspinner. I then realised that most people are voting him/her down not because of that obnoxious FIRST!!, but rather because they are outraged that he spelled wallys name wrong.
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May 26, 2009
That's about the size of it with all these environmetalist extremists running around with their greener-than-thou attitudes. All civilization has to come to a ginding standstill if some thinks they might have spotted an endangered checkered owl in the parking lot.
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