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Mar 29, 2013
The PHB has such a sick sadistic smile in panel one ... he sees a frazzled engineer and loves it.

Does this fit with the whole "banality of evil" theory? :-)
Jan 28, 2012
I don;t think PHB saw the "death to the pointy haired one" comment. he probably stopped right at the Baywatch part.
May 25, 2010
"At last I know that PHB doesn't know he's PHB."
-Mm, PHB has previously read a status update (or some other note perhaps) from Dilbert with a reference to a pointy haired person. PHB didn't get it then either.
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Jun 2, 2009
At last I know that PHB doesn't know he's PHB. He probably wouldn't care. In fact he'd probably be proud to learn he gets an entry in Wikipedia.
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