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Sep 3, 2011
@Pendy: Or Rasmurr was joking :b
Jun 8, 2011
The explanation of the strip is.. Liz is finding Dilbert attractive. But she doesn't wanna get physical to a man (i.e. to kiss or embrace or whatever) until she is married with that man. Dilbert doesn't get it, he thought Liz wouldn't agree to perhaps just kiss him unless she gets married with another man (poor Dilbert, that's the effect of always being put down by women)
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Sep 23, 2010
@Rasmurr: Or Keegan__ was joking :P
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May 25, 2010
@Keegan__: Or he was joking.
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Sep 12, 2009
He doesn't grasp the idea of someone having any long-term plans with him.
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