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Dec 3, 2008
When this strip was published in 1995, I had shortly returned from a major "My Company" Team meeting. They had Ex-NFL motivational speakers, "my company" Team notecubes, slogan T-Shirts, monthly "stay motivated" trinkets, and Best Of All - a performance-based reward trip to Hawaii structured so the only way I could win was if all of my co-workers lost (throw the rst of the "team" under the bus!). I circulated my front page copy of this Sunday comics to as many co-workers who would listen/read.

Needless to say, this shortsighted "I win only if you lose" attitude to motivate & inspire (what previously HAD been) a Team, and the implementation of a major mainframe computer software & hardware upgrade put my Fortune 500 employer into Chapter 7 by 2002.
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