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Sep 11, 2011
@redmarionette24 . The fur color differs, and catbert wears glasses.. and a slightly different attitute (both annoying, but catbert is much more evil and closer to dogbert in style)
Jun 17, 2011
Is Catbert the same cat that Dogbert (a few years back) almost adopted?? I think different fur color though.
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May 24, 2011
amazing i have always wanted to see this kind of epic showdown. But to be honest im dissapointed with catberts preformance. He should have at least called in the angels of heck. But all in all, WAY TO GO DOGBERT!
Dec 18, 2010
Its always good to see Dogbert fighting for Dilbert. :)
Nov 1, 2010
You don't see Dogbert and Catbert interract much.
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