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Oct 9, 2014
@Slackbladder: in your ridiculous diatribe you for got to ascribe xenophobic behavior as a motivation. Alice simply picked on an attribute that distinguished the suspender wearer from most other people. So she's also close-minded! Or is she?
Jul 26, 2014
Suspenders prevent acid indigestion because your gut is not pinched in. They also prevent belly overhang and crack-in-the-back. On the whole, suspenders therefore promote well-being for the wearer as for all who have to work with him. The fact that Alice thinks that there is a connection between suspenders and muddled thinking is proof positive that her own thinking is woefully lacking in clarity. Also, her inverse conclusion that muddled thinking is the cause of suspenders, is so grotesquely flawed and illogical that it should, on its own, inspire whole generations of men to hold a deep and almost misogynistic distrust of the feminine capacity for logical thought.
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