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Jun 3, 2010
Yea he was!!!!

From the first line "is this the sceptics association" I knew what was coming.
Feb 14, 2009
But Dilbert WAS cloned
Back a few years ago
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Jan 1, 2009
wow. 2 long.
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Jun 4, 2008
If a clone appeared from no source then cloned itself, would the clone's clone be real or even visible? Kind of like the age-old question of a three year-old when they have their first serious thought about religion: "who made God?". Taken seriously, Dilbert ventures into some of life's most serious and deep thought questions. Fortunately, all of us use up our brain power laughing at the strip where someone hide Wally's cubicle. Life is too short to spend it on serious thoughts.

But someday, in a galaxy far, far away some other life form will be analyzing the complete works of Dilbert attempting to retrieve the meaning of life on our planet but, since the true answer was too intense for the human mind to endure, it was hidden in an innocent looking comic strip. Much like "Alice in Wonderland' and "the Wizard of Oz" have now both been psychoanalyzed to actually be stories with hidden meanings actually written to satirize the tyrants and despots of the day not being able to do do directly without suffering incarceration or even death. If so, would anyone like to provide the "world of Dilbert" a list of who each character on down secretly signifies? You would be doing a great public service that would become immortal. What more can you strive for in life than to chisel immortal words on stone. When the greatest leaders of our time are lost in the mists of time, your words will live on.

Rather than waste on knee-jerk political rants, two versions would be welcome. One written by a devotee of MoveOn.Org and one written by a conservative. As a life-long conservative and pragmatist I can write the conservative one but it would be more entertaining to me if some other conservative wrote it. It's "just" a cartoon so please no trolls. This could be a real in-depth study of the human psyche here in the 21st century providing much needed truth to those psychoanalysts as they go about their business of attempting to decipher what we consider total chaos of today.

Read "Desiderata" for profound serious thinking first thing each morning then spend the rest of the day counting your nose hairs searching for a trend that may reveal to all of us the true meaning of life - or maybe not.
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