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Jul 14, 2011
George Costanza eat your heart out!
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Dec 12, 2010
I totally agree, its not that wally has low standards (although he does), this is a actually his dream office, it's the same as when the boss gives him a huge project that no one can tell if he ever did (october 10, 2009)
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Dec 11, 2010
Isn't the toilet where he spends most of his time anyway with his paper and coffee?

I think the only downside for him is that he has a phone now so they can reach him. But otherwise he is ordered to stay in his favorite spot all the time.

You say poor wally, I say poor us. I want my own toilet office damnit!
Aug 7, 2010
Well, maybe not "private", but he does have choice washroom access!

Plus, nobody can say he's taking too many restroom breaks.
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Mar 22, 2009
he wouldn't work in an iron lung
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