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Feb 19, 2014
AAAAAAAAaaahhhh I have actually encountered people who couldn't grasp the very same physical concept PHB is struggling with in this strip. "is the area rug six feet long or six feet wide?" "It depends on whether your house is aligned north/south, or east/west."
Dec 30, 2010
I was wondering why I recognised a few strips I was certain I'd never read.. but this one did it for me! I'd seen them on Youtube! NO wonder!
Sep 22, 2010
My fabric covered box is "wall-papered" in these strips. Last cube move I just removed my entire wall and swapped it out with the one at my new location in the building. This is one o' my favorite.
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Sep 26, 2008
Thank you! What would / could we do without Dilbert and other comics? Currently out of projects, running out of money faster than I like, blah, blah.. And laughing - life is really more, for some of us it is Dilbert which is so true, brings back memories on a long career, shows what trying to survive in IT is and has been ages, etc. Honestly - Dilbert should be required reading / teaching material on CS or technology colleges which have IT in curriculum. And of course - in work places!! On more serious(?) side, Dilbert is really more than IT (or IS or whatever it has been called by marketing over years) - it is about corporate culture. And as much as we do nanotechnology, quantum computing, space exploration, short sales, etc today - the basics haven't changed, PHBs still are there.
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