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Jan 25, 2013
The world is marble.

A marble is like, my heart. It flies in the face of all.

Yeah, that's right.

Keep dancing.

See? I can write random BS that means nothing too! Yay! I am a normal member of the Internet now! Time to go to youtube comments.
Dec 9, 2012
@76kombi: Don't discourage spinner. Note how nice his/her comment was!

@block1: What?
Jan 31, 2011
ok, so drugs are fun. so what.
flippin talk then, dopie.
keep trippin, im making the drugs.
sod off, junk boy, any hoo, society - thats sh*t, right?
right-on. jerk,..
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Jan 27, 2010
Unobservant, perhaps. But I still get what Spinner is saying. And I agree. =)
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Mar 23, 2009
...and how unobservant you are....
(don't worry spinner, you're still my favourite Dilbert character)
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