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Mar 18, 2013
Remember the tune of "the neutron dance" (pointer sisters?)
Feb 28, 2010
this one is funny as hell i saw the animation and the dance u can hear catbert sing a cute tune
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Mar 17, 2009
That reminds me of an article I saw about California cutting down on its prison population, or so I seem to recall. The costs of keeping prisoners is reportedly becoming a concern. But yeah, there will always be people to lock up.

And I don't know what coward decided to vote me down for what I said - the fact remains that businesses in our wonderful free market system treat employees like crap. It's easy to see in industry, for example, where many workers are basically unskilled and they go through many temp workers. The employers have and use leverage to keep pay and benefits low. They have low-paid foreign workers both in and out of the US, and so we all make less so they can remain "competitive."
Mar 17, 2009
I'm so happy that I work in an industry unaffected by the economy *knock on wood*
Well, the prison business technically is affected by the economy...the worse it is, the more crime, the more inmates. Talk about economy-proof.
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Jan 1, 2009
You laugh, yet it is the sad truth, and employment conditions will continue to slide. Got to love this strip, but it definitely brings a painful reality to the fore.
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