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Sep 23, 2009
Its an old ratty blanket. Sometimes guys have those.
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Mar 23, 2009
what's with dilbert's couch - it definitely has a female touch to it.
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Jan 1, 2009
One I had - during a storm a tree branch fell into our yard, ripping the telephone cable to my house on its way down. I called the phone company, and after I explained the problem to them they assured me that they would record exactly what had happened.

Two days later I receive a call from the phone company asking if the phone has started working again. I explained to them that the cable had been cut, and that until they physically came to my house the phone could not start working. He was evidently from the miracles department, though, because he had no access to contact technicians for me. His job was just to call to see if it was working.

Two days later I received another call from a different person, again asking me if the phone had started working. In fact there were three such calls before at last a technician came to attach the cable.
Does Telkom really believe its phones can work with torn cables?
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Jan 1, 2009
Like the time I recently complained about intermittent outages in my DSL. Had to go through a process to make sure my modem's ethernet connection was first in the list, which did not fix the problem, but then it mysteriously went away again shortly after. No doubt something beyond my control.
Dec 10, 2008
'Hey, Guess What?' is not a question!
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