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Apr 28, 2013
You better hold on to that paper phb, its the only shield you've got against the fist of death
Aug 12, 2011
We had this. Except when a question about an insane policy was raised, it got turned into insubordination;

PHB: We need to do this to lean the process.
Me: I don't understand. That's not going to make the process any leaner. That creates three extra trips into the lab every time we do it.
PHB: So, you're saying that you don't support lean processes?
Me: ...
Mar 12, 2011
Box 5 is the hilarious on its own!
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Jan 1, 2009
I'm way to honest to work. I used to get bugged about "looking busy" when I worked at a print shop and there were long periods with nothing to run on the press. That look busy stuff is so phony, I just couldn't lower myself to that level. Much better to do something productive, and for its own sake.
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Jul 31, 2008
Give Wally a piece of paper to carry as well as his coffee mug and he will look extremely busy.

And it is true that the busy-looking ones get ahead with the bosses. I have tried carrying papers around the office building,walking fast and a looking a bit stressed. Wow! I get compliments from the top rankers that never look twice at me otherwise!
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