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Jan 2, 2009
It goes to show that true freedom will mean you're fighting most everyone else for some reason or another. As for the military, no one's making you serve. I wouldn't, as I very much dislike everything from the status of "government issue" and chain of command to the use the military is put to. The American Dream is not American, but America became the place for people to put their hopes and dreams - hasn't panned out. Your vote almost counts, though the counting isn't 100% accurate and we have a two-party oligarchy. That *could* be done away with, but people are too busy voting according to what others are voting for. To be empowered, you must take a stand. Freedom is not given to us, but we can give it away.
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Aug 11, 2008
There's no such thing as "empowered" these days. It's just a empty meaningless phrase, like "freedom of speech", "your vote counts", "American dream", etc.
May 2, 2008
even truer for us military types me thinks
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Apr 24, 2008
That work's on so many levels...
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