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Mar 23, 2013
What did Ventifact ever do to get all his comments removed from my sight? Geez, maybe mine will be next! Is Scott the arbiter? I know l would much rather deal with ventifact than coolie/plasma/etc. and their misanthropic critics like bosox! End the discrimination now!
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Apr 15, 2010
Whoa....Ventrifact (& LittleCynicsm, BTW),

You guys have to quit being so laid back and start speaking your mind (just not as much...)

Not sure what you said since I didn't bother reading once I saw the diarrhea-load of writing. C'mon, think it out before spewing...
Oct 27, 2009
Right Scott, but the conversation you're not showing is the one where the designer tried to figure out what-on-earth the client wanted.

Designer: So what did you have in mind?
Client: I don't know. You're the designer.
Designer: Do you know what you want it to say?
Client: Whatever you think is good.
Designer: Um. Well, what are you selling?
Client: This. That. I don't want to emphasize any one thing.
Designer: Ooook. Do you have a color scheme?
Client: Black and white, we don't want to spend money.

Multiply this conversation times 100.

Then this strip happened.
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Jan 28, 2009
I think they're bad because they're evil hellspawn, just like the people working in advertising. They study normal people and try to manipulate them. They're just creepy.
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Jan 28, 2009
On second thought maybe the man just uses something like a Rorschach's inkblot to actually find out what does the boss want.
I believe oftne firms hire ad agencies, but their management just want them to use to bring their own ad ideas to life. Is there an other way how to explain, why the most ads are so bad? :)
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