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Mar 23, 2013
Bosox, every comment you've ever made on this site has been a growling gripe about what meatheads everyone else are. Do you actually have friends, or were you speaking hypothetically?
Jan 13, 2011
I'm sure you're right. I guess I was caught by a moment of nostalgia amplified by feeling a bit old when I wrote that. In the summer of 2002 (the year the cartoon was published) I was going on a trip with a backpack for a couple of weeks. I had two pretty good 35mm cameras with a number of lenses but didn't think I wanted to carry them. At Walgreen's I saw a 1 meg. pix digital camera for under $100 and decided it would probable take as good pictures as a typical snapshot camera of that time. I wasn't planning to spent the trip taking picture but knew I would want some, and the camera was lite so I bought it. The pictures I took on that trip were much better than I had expected, and the freedom of not thinking about what it cost every time I snapped the shutter was so great that I never looked back...really. But I do feel a little guilty once in a while.
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Jan 12, 2011

I assume most people reading Dilbert are..
Jan 3, 2011
Is anyone else old enough to remember film?
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Sep 4, 2010
If Dilbert were smooth, he could said. How about you tell me about your vacation over dinner.
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