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Nov 12, 2011
I do like the idea that his family had the foresight to understand the risc of "big brother" in the future to do this.. not to mention their grasp over consepts like "selective breeding" and "biometric impressions".. Not to mention the great mystery how they succeeded with that "no DNA" bit... Yes, he is truly "the one".. the one they call Wally.
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Dec 25, 2010
When it comes to evolution, a "strong" partner is very relative. I guess his ancestors found each hother very quickly since they were good matches. It is a rare breed after all.
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Jul 21, 2010
Personally, I can't believe Wally or his ancestors could afford to be all that selective when it comes to breeding.
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Nov 5, 2009
So you're the guy who registered the name 'Plasma' with a capital 'i' before I had a chance to react.... congrats
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Apr 6, 2009
who doesnt see the logic in that?
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