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Apr 28, 2008
The new FLASH-based comic format is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY BAD!
Please go back to the old format for mailing strips!
In the new format, it is apparently impossible to read all of the Sunday strips from the "favorites". They briefly show in full, but then immediately (before they can be read) change into the clunky, over-glitzed, 3-panel gizmo that is apparently supposed to impress us, but only shows how clueless the person who set this thing up is. If there is a way to read them, please let me know, but I'm a techie and if I can't figure it out, probably most other people can't either.
The new format is also much slower to download and read than the old one. And the "new" change is for no visible benefit -- I don't need "Share Email Save Print Embed | RSS Widgets" buttons, get real, NOBODY DOES!
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