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Feb 11, 2014

Maybe you shouldn't smoke weed and browse Dilbert at the same time...
Jan 31, 2011
well of course my spectacles are specifically square to rely on wthe work i did as a boy scout.


so, do you know any java, putanese, a stick that spins inside your arse (you are a gay man are you not?)


weeeellllllllllllllll. .. . . . yes and noooo.... i see your pants need enlarging. Perhaps, some bigger ideas???? We have plenty, you know... direct, so to speeeke. We like to show that you have more men in parliament than needed to say 'so is This my mouse', that previously were... maybe.... look, a star!!!!


strip overlaps with the halley comet and texas ranches get stormed by the swats again...
Jul 29, 2009
his head randomly bulges
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