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Apr 10, 2013
I think regardless what you do, engineer, artist, designer, copy-writer... we've all had PHBs providing "helpful input" before.
OnlineLion's story makes me a particularly sad panda, but I am not surprised. When they say "Keep the design simple" they're not worried about the difficulty viewers will have in discerning the intricate calligraphy, they mean "Keep it simple enough that idiots can laugh too" A flaccid pencil says it all.
Jul 2, 2011
I used to work in an animation studio. When the bosses decided they wanted a new logo, they detailed a few (not me) to come up with some thumbnails. When I saw the designs I thought choosing just one would be the only problem; the logo prototypes were filled with visual puns on the name of the company and were inventive and appealing.

They finally went with a doodle the Office Manager took ten seconds to do of a flaccid pencil.

True story. Even creative industries aren't immune to this mentality.
Feb 6, 2011
I wonder if PHB got the idea for putting the logo inside a rectangle from the shape of the guys mouth in the preceding panel.
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Aug 11, 2010
It doesn't make them more "artistic," it introduces them to new techniques and styles they may have not been aware of before, while also giving them the materials (studios, models, etc.) necessary to practice. Considering most art schools require a portfolio to gain admittance, none of them claim to make you more artistic.
Nov 28, 2009
the insult sounds like spinner ...
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