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Sep 13, 2011
I gotta think he's devaluing the price of gold.
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Apr 15, 2010
What if he only lays the eggs during office hours?
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Nov 25, 2009
@TuraSatana: Someone had to do the math! LOL! Some problems with your argument IMHO:

1. He'd have to sleep some time. I'm betting that there is at least 8 hours of down time between sleeping, eating, and forcing other things out of the orifice.

2. OTOH, a solid gold egg the size of a 75g egg would weigh a lot more than the egg. Gold has a specific gravity of 19.3 while the egg would be around 1. That means it would be a 1447.5 gram golden egg! Which is 46.5 troy ounces. One egg is over $50k! Which is more than I make in a whole year!

3. If *I* laid golden eggs, do you think I'd work for a company (even as CEO) for a fraction of what I could make if I kept all the gold for myself?!?!?! OK, that's not a problem with your calculations, but with the premise of the strip. But, then again this CEO may not be the sharpest crayon in the box.

I figure the CEO is making $1.9 billion / year!!! Now what I gotta figure out: What in the world does he eat?
Nov 24, 2009
That look likes a rather large egg. In egg classification, in UK at least, the class 'very large' is >73 g. so lets say it is 75 gram. Price of gold right now is 1164.5 USD /oz, so the price of 1 75 g. egg is 2808.28. 6 of these an hour, times 24, times 365, is 147 603 183.28 USD

So they are actually making a profit! And yes, I think solid gold eggs, it would not be worthwhile otherwise.
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Nov 16, 2009
How is it really with these golden eggs, is it just a thin shell of gold filled with ordinary albumen and vitellus or is it all solid gold? I wondered about this ever since I heard about them in fairytales as a kid.
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