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Nov 26, 2010
usessimpletools you are my hero! I love how you and bosox04 always fight and you always win. Keep it up!
Nov 23, 2010
Oh, a typo sneaked in: commenting instead of comenting.
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Nov 23, 2010
Keep comenting on bosox04! I always enjoy a nice smashing. :)

You are really starting to be rude to others. Relax man.
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Nov 3, 2010
When did the Dilbert Comics become a chat room? You're supposed to be laughing when you're in here :(
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Oct 5, 2010
Oh yes, simpleton, one more thing that I neglected to point out...You are at least smart enough to note your betters; You've copied (at least) 3 of my styles in order to improve your (less than) poor writing techniques & styles, in an effort to appear more educated (less moronic).
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