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Sep 22, 2010

My bad, I just realized my ignorance. You, and those of similar ilk (again, I'll wait while you look that up... Back yet, DB?), only have this forum to validate your/their existence. I will no longer expect higher standards (or any, for that matter).

I'll simply read the strips, block the comments & assume that you (& your simpletonians) will continue to chit/chat and chatter cutely, while contributing less than zero to the mix.
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Sep 21, 2010
Dear Simpleton,

I hate cyber bullies (or bullies of ANY kind), so you are (as usual) incorrect.

However, even more than cyber bullies, I dislike cyber know nothing blowhards. My comments, even those that are repeated, are because they are germane to the discussion. If you are a knucklehead, then "I'll wait while you look it up" is appropriate, EVERY SINGLE TIME (gawd, you should know that since it has been directed at you more often than not)

I'd like to hear more from you...you and the rest of the girls are waaaaaaaay too quiet out here.
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Sep 21, 2010
In a previous strip someone made a rather pithy comment (go ahead, I'll wait while you look it up...back yet?) about "simpletools". They said that you were such an idiot that you even mis-spelled "simpleton". Now I know why. Using someone else's witticism (when you do not have any wit yourself) is the most obvious sign of a simpleton.
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May 10, 2010
Gawd this is soooo tedious. There should be at minimum, a 3-digit IQ test required prior to being able to post on this site... WTH?!
Dec 3, 2009
If he had disappeared...
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