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Feb 7, 2011
Now that reminds me of the apprentice who gets sent to stores to fetch a box of 1/4" holes. Smart apprentice comes back with a box of 1/2" washers. Cruel boss says "very good, but I asked for just the holes - now you have to file the edges off".
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Jul 5, 2010
A journeyman sends an apprentice out to get a box of Ohms. She returns a few hours later with a small box. The journeyman says "Where have you been?" "out getting ya ohms." she replies as he opens the box, "Ah Jeez, you let them get away!"
Or so the story goes.
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Oct 24, 2009
This is by far the funniest strip I have ever read.
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Jul 10, 2009
I wish that Scott Adams had taken this plotline further.
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Apr 20, 2009
that might work :P
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